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Magic: Pau Gasol being used wrong

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 12, 2012 at 11:15 AM

The Lakers have talent, and they've been unable to use it correctly. First of all I guess they don't have Nash. But as a stated before the season even started. I thought Nash was just a bit old to impact the Lakers in the way that many thought he would. Nash would have nice, and he would have been an upgrade. But to ask Nash to be the MVP from 2006 is wrong.

The Lakers have Kobe scoring 40 points every other night, and he sits at number one in points per game. The Lakers have pushed aside Gasol for Howard. Howard has been a liabilty at times. Teams have won games after pulling off hack-a-Shaq.

Gasol all season from fans, and from others has gotten most of the blame. And I've felt that it wasn't his fault. And someone agrees with me.

"When Gasol was on that (low) block, he averaged 18 points, he shot 53 percent from the field and he still is the best passing big man in the game," Johnson said Tuesday, shortly after introducing Greinke at a news conference at Dodger Stadium. "But you have him at the free-throw line? That makes no sense. That's not his game.

"His game is to catch it on the low block, face his man, one dribble left or right. He's got great moves. But now all the blame is on his shoulders, like he's not performing well? He can't take that. That's not who he is.

"They've got to put him in a winning situation, because once Gasol starts to play well, I think the team will start to play well. Then you come in with Steve Nash. But you've got to get Gasol going. Gasol, to me, is the key to this whole thing. If you continue to have him at the 3-point line, he's not going to perform well."

Gasol scares me when the Celtics play the Lakers. It isn't Kobe, and it's not Howard or Bynum when he was a Laker.  But it's always been Gasol. When he plays the post, and when he's grabbing rebounds, and offensive rebounds. The Lakers look unstoppable. But with Howard being the focus now. Gasol takes the backseat. Mike Brown didn't know how to use Gasol, and D'Antoni doesn't know how to use Gasol as well.

I think the Lakers try to trade Gasol, but who wants the 19 million contract. I had said that I would take him, but maybe he's waived? Maybe something weird like that happens? I don't know, but the Lakers are 9-13, and I'm happy about that.


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1 Comment

Reply Franklin
12:54 PM on December 12, 2012 
Gasol, id for sure lost in the new coaching systems that have been used.

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