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THIS FAN SITE OR BLOG STARTED ON APRIL 8TH, 2011. I love talking, and writing about the Celtics and the NBA.I'm not the greatest writer,but in time I will get my craft down,and all the technical stuff that goes along with it. You can find new posts daily a few themed posts as(Celtics Morning Joe,Celtics Game of the Night,Celtics Legends series,NBA Nightly Rundown) Update: We also have What are Celtic fans thinking, Rondology, The Good,the Bad,the Ugly, Celtics by the Numbers, C's Playbook)

As we our in the Celtics season this is what we do hear.(Game Recaps,Press conferences,Video breakdown of the game,Video/blog recap of the game)

We try to break news right away. The homepage powered by ESPN,and you can always find it before I get to report on it. 

We also want to cover the Lakers,and as they say have your enemies close. We have a Celtics media page with photos,and video clips added weekly or that's the goal. We have the Celtics history page were you can stats,and you can check every Celtics season. Chat room,discussion forms,and any fan can post on this under Fan Blog. We also have the Bill Russell tribute page.


I have goals for this site,and I thank all of you who come to the site daily. I will always answer you,and I love to hear other sides.