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It's been crazy. Ever since Ray and KG joined the Celtics back in 2007, it has been a very entertaining ride. An instant championship founded on sacrifice and teamwork, the abruptly halted march to another one, the improbable run the next year that ultimately forced LeBron James to move to Miami, the flop against said team last year and now this.

Tonight, I feel, is the night that determines whether this ride is going to screech to a halt or not. If the Celtics lose Game 2, I won't give up hope. One of the things this team has taught me over the years is to never stop believing. There's something about sports that allows crazy things to happen, however unlikely they may seem. But I still think that the way we play today leads the way to either another road or the road to a guillotine.

Tonight, we need to win in a strong, resilient way. We need to show energy and toughness much like we did in '10 against Cleveland. If LeBron or Wade hit an improbable shot, go back and score something on them. Or better yet, force them to miss their own shots. Right now, the Heat are confident they can beat us again. LeBron laughing in KG's mug sort of proves that. But what we need is to tap into that uncomfortable spot James has. It's called doubt.

If he (or Wade) feels like the Celtics won't go away, like a demon from the past.. That they won't freaking leave.. We have a shot. Going down 0-2 means a confident bunch of Heat players and the Celtics scrambling for answers. A good, hard fought, Celtic-type win and a 1-1 going back to Boston instills doubt for the Heat.

"Can it be..? These guys? Again? Hell no. Take care of business, beat 'em in Boston."

And then you beat them at home in Game 3. "What...? No. Not these old fools again."

That's what we need to do. That's why LeBron fades sometimes. Against the Bulls or us last year, he never was rattled. Against the Mavericks, the huge comeback happened. A bunch of old men beat the Heat in a mere few minutes. LeBron once again looked at himself, at the situation and doubt crept up.

That's my take on it. If we are to beat Miami, we must make them beat themselves. Win the mental game. Make them fear you. Make them doubt themselves.

Of course, all that is for nothing if we lose tonight like we did in Game 1. We can only wait, see and hope. Tonight, we will probably see which road the Celtics will have chosen to take - the road to (potential) glory or the road to defeat. Let's all hope for the former.


Note: I put this here because there are problems with posting on the main page. My apologies.



"We have to do the impossible, but it's possible." - Kevin Garnett

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Sometimes it just takes one amazing play by someone on the Celtics to show that the Heat aren't the only ones who can amaze, who can do the seemingly impossible.

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