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The Big Red Head on Rondo " I think he's also capable of being the best player in the league"

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 14, 2012 at 5:00 AM

Celtics notebook: It’s all up to Rondo Walton: Ball in his court -Boston Herald

One, there shouldn’t be a lot of worrying about either the Celtics or Lakers, who have started at an even worse pace than their cross-country rival. •   Two, the Celtics will go as far as Rajon Rondo can take them. Not exactly news, perhaps, but Walton has also attached a qualifier to his opinion.

“Rondo can be the best point guard in the league,” said Walton, who took in last night’s game after speaking at a spinal fusion seminar during the day. “I think he’s also capable of being the best player in the league. Nothing was a lock with Miami last year, and he nearly made the difference last year.

“The Celtics are going to be fine, because it’s early, and the NBA is all about having the best players. They have a great coach in Doc Rivers, and they also have Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. But now the challenge is on Rajon Rondo to be that player. They need him to come out as the best player every night. When I was playing, that player was Larry Bird.

“I’m a huge Rondo fan. He’s a classic Celtic, because the game isn’t about stats to him. But to be an MVP-type player you have to do it every night.”

I agree of course that Rondo is capeable of being the best in the league. He needs to rack up wins this season to be in the talk of MVP. I think Rondo is getting close. The Celtics want it, but they need to execute. It's no new news that the Celtics need Rondo to be a top five player to win it all. He's right for point out that he needs to be Larry Bird as well. Not to be like Bird, but to have the same passion, and the same will to win.


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Reply paul
08:05 AM on December 14, 2012 
Shawn, you've committed blasphemy. Bill Walton was one of the greatest Celtics, but there was one Big Red! Dave Cowens.

Funny though - I've always thought that Cowens and Walton were very similar as players in some ways. Both were free spirits. Both had games built around fierceness and hustle. Both were team players, who didn't necessarily score a lot, but who had versatile games where they did a lot of the dirty work. Walton was more of a shot-blocker/traditional center, and Cowens roamed the floor more. I think ankle problems ended both careers prematurely.

Cowens isn't as voluble as Walton, and that has affected their post-career reputations a lot! But Walton is very much a naturalized Celtic, I think, like Tiny Archibald, and unlike certain mercenary wanderers one can think of!

It's fascinating to see how many of the biggest stars in the history of the league pull for Rondo. I think it's like Walton said. Rondo is so old school. Which is why it's weird that folks like Ryan seem to hate him. Rondo is old school, but at the same time, he evolves the game. He's pure NBA, because he's another example of players, NOT COACHES, evolving the game. This isn't the NFL, thank God.
Reply Franklin
10:19 AM on December 14, 2012 
We had Tommy as well.lol

Its always old players who say Rondo is or could be the best. The media who knows nothing about the game,and they say otheres are better.
Reply shawn cassidy
10:24 AM on December 14, 2012 
I agree with you Paul. But its Waltons nickname as well. For me u can throw in Tommy like Franklin said. The Celtics have a Big "Red" history.

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