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Lakers News: Doc on the Lakers struggles

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 14, 2012 at 12:05 AM

On whether he has a theory on the Lakers' struggles: "Well they're getting a lot of coverage. I'm telling you, yesterday I just had ESPN on before the game. I had it on mute, not for any reason, I was trying to do my work. And every time I looked up, it was somebody talking about the Lakers or some Laker on. So, I don't know. I haven't watched them, to be honest, but for a couple of times. They've made a lot of changes, too, and have a key guy out at the point guard position, so I would imagine that's some of it."

As many of you know the Lakers have dropped another game moving to 9-14 on the season. They lost to the Knicks in New York, and the world may just come to an end after the Lakers slow start. Is this for real. I pegged the Clippers to reach the finals, and I never bought into the Lakers. But to say they would be five games under .500 after 20 plus games is nuts. I think the Lakers would have better served getting more players than just Howard. Kobe takes up a lot of payroll, and so does the under performing Gasol, who's been under used by the past two coaches.

The Celtics have their issues, but the Lakers are on a different level. When, or if they step up. ESPN will be ready to crown them champs of the West if they turn this thing around.

The question I have is this. What if the Lakers squeak by, and barley make the playoffs. What about Howard? He's a rental as of now. He's on the books for one season. If this season blows up. Do the Lakers walk away from him? Will he walk away from the Lakers?

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