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Cedric Maxwell comments about the Celtics chances next season

Posted by shawn cassidy on August 15, 2011 at 12:45 PM


Can the C’s still compete this season with their core another year older?


“Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I’m astounded by just how well they have done to preserve themselves. Kevin’s still in amazing shape, Ray’s in amazing shape, Paul. So you’ve got three guys who are 35 plus, I guess, who are still top athletes, and that to me -- I think that really shows the character of what this team has been about.”

They can compete next year gang. Why not they have beat the odds before,and why not now. Rondo is the key,and as he continues to grow,and as he takes this team on his back the big three can take a step down,and they can focus on the playoffs.

The Celtics need major help from Jeff Green,and West next season,and they will need bigs. This isn't new news,and I'm not going too deep into the roster right now. The big three can still win a title. If they have the same enery,and ability from last sesaon they will be right in the mix.

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Reply paul
01:41 PM on August 15, 2011 
I'd think about making Rondo an assistant coach, and giving him responsibility for overseeing the bench. We need to get the bench guys more motivated and playing smarter.
Reply celtsfan
01:54 PM on August 15, 2011 
paul says...
I'd think about making Rondo an assistant coach, and giving him responsibility for overseeing the bench. We need to get the bench guys more motivated and playing smarter.

Who can we get next season that will make our bench better? Do you think Jeff Green will give us anything worth being happy about. I think it will be a tough road next year,but if the Mavs can come out,and win a title why can't the Celtics come back,and win next season.
Reply paul
02:53 PM on August 15, 2011 
Celtsfan, I think we already have a lot of talent on the bench. I think that with Green, Davis and Delonte, we have three guys each of whom can cover at least two positions, and each of whom could be a starter on a lot of teams. If Jujuan Johnson contributes, as it looks like he might, and Bradley matures on offense a bit, while continuing to develop as a shut-down defender, and perhaps we bring on a couple of judiciously chosen guys, I think our biggest worry is likely to be Jermaine's health. I think our bench could actually be a real strong point for us.

It just seems to me that the problem with our bench is obviously coaching. I know that Doc Rivers spellbinds the media with his charm, but really, why is no one talking about this? Rivers is perhaps the best Xs and Os guy in the league, and perhaps the best with the veterans, but it seems to me that he is nothing short of LOUSY with the young guys. Really, isn't this blindingly obvious? He doesn't teach well, nor does he motivate well, as far as I can see. This wouldn't really be such a problem, except that he doesn't seem to have the humility to see that he needs to bring in someone who is really strong at those things.

The way I see it, it's become a bit of a myth, an urban legend, so to speak, that we don't have any talent on our bench. I think we've got loads of talent. What we don't have is coaching for that talent.

All the endless negative brouhaha over Big Baby particularly irks me. Here we have a guy without whom our bench would have been even more terrible next year; we have a guy that Rivers has consistently finished games with; a guy who has been able to fill in for starters effectively, both at center and pf; a guy who is active on defense, has a pretty good j and has some nice moves near the hoop; a guy who is not athletic, but is very large, and agile for his size, and smart enough to lead the league in charges drawn; a guy who is very emotional and, when motivated, is a top 'energy' player: all this and yet both the Celtics team and fandom routinely scapegoat him!!

In particular, Baby loves to play with his back to the basket, which is a VERY RARE trait in the NBA, and instead of bringing someone like Cowens in to work with him on this, we constantly berate him for it!! WE SHOULD BE THRILLED TO HAVE A BIG WHO LIKES TO PLAY WITH HIS BACK TO THE BASKET! My God, you can't find guys like this these days.

We have plenty of talent. We need to put it together. That's what the Mavs did.

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