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The accountabilty, and ultimate pro

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 3, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Terry is a lot of things, but he's a honest guy. He's the mini KG that we need. He coughed up to the mistake on defense that led to Jennings game winning three. I think his want to help the team, and his brutal honesty is a plus that we don't see everyday. I spoke about Avery returning this morning, and it's unclear what role Bradley, and Terry will play. What we do know is that Terry will take any role with open arms. He wants to win, and at any cost, much like KG. Can't say enough about Terry.

“He’s a pro. He’s been in the league for so long that nothing rattles him,” Rivers said of Terry. “I think he would still rather come off the bench, but he wants to do what we need. He never asks questions, he just does it. He’s a pro’s pro. There’s a lot of veterans like that.

“What is unusual is that he can start on most teams, but he’s figured it out. He just wants to win. He’s figured that’s how he brings the most value, by giving the second unit firepower. But right now we need him in the (starting) lineup.”

"Being a 14-year veteran, I can't make that crucial mistake and leave Brandon Jennings in the end," Terry told reporters in Milwaukee. "I told everybody that I'll take this one on my shoulders.


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Reply Franklin
12:19 PM on December 03, 2012 
I like players who are honest about the team. It gives us a feeling that they care.
Reply paul
06:20 PM on December 03, 2012 
Terry has been a revelation. Love him so far.

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