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Is it finally time to move some guys?

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 21, 2013 at 6:30 AM

Doc gave us all a gem after the Pistons beat down the Celtics 103-88.

“I have to find the right combinations or the right guys or we gotta get some guys outta here.”

Guess what Doc I agree with you, and I know most fans would agree with you. It's now past January 15th, and the Celtics can trade the likes of Bass, Green, and Lee if they decide to. Pierce has been in many rumors this season, but he's not being moved. I would be shocked if that trade went down. Pierce has been the worst Celtic in my book during this three game skid, and he wasn't that great during the 6 game winning streak.

The Celtics have proven that they can't be trusted. Green has good games, and he's been okay this season, and we don't need okay out of him. We need a consistent scorer, and defender. You can go up, and down the roster, and every single player has been inconsistent. I also believe the Heat got the better old shooting guard. Terry hasn't lived up to the tattoo on his arm.

"I think this team wants everything easy," Rivers said. "They want the easy way out. They want to win easy. And I told them the only way you're going to win easy is you're going to have to play hard. The harder you play, the easier the games become. We're taking the wrong approach. I've got to either find the right combination, the right guys, or we're going to get some guys out of here. It's the bottom line. Because this group right now, they are not playing right. It's in them to play right. But right now they haven't been -- either because I'm not getting to them, or they are not getting to each other. But at the end of the day, either we've got to do that, or we've got to make changes."

How does  a team with veterans, and  with champions not know this? They don't know by playing hard,  means easy wins? The Celtics are coming down from there Bradley high. I think this is the real team. A team just getting by. They don't use their maximum skills. If you think Danny should stand pat with this team. I truly believe your fooling yourself. Danny was quoted during the 6 game winning streak that he believes this team doesn't have a single leader, he believes this team has many leaders, and at different times. I think he's dead wrong, and every great team, or good team has one guy, and maybe a second at times. This team should be Rondo's, but the issues run deeper than Rondo.

Even though Rondo has had a less than perfect season. I still believe he's played the hardest, and that's odd because his defensive effort has been less than perfect as well. The Celtics have lost two games in there last three that they should have pulled out, but the Celtics ended up losing by double digits both times. So where do the Celtics go? I have a list of guys that Danny should try and deal.

  1. Bass
  2. Terry
  3. Green?

The Celtics will be ready to mix this team up. And I think the Celtics need major production out of Bass,Terry, and Green. But in return they have been the most inconsistent Celtics. Jason has said all of the right things in Boston. But his defense, and scoring has been nowhere near the Terry of past seasons. Bass has been eclipsed by Sully, and Green maybe the biggest bait, because maybe on the right team he could be very good. I just think he's not the right guy in this system. Danny has some things to think over, and he needs to figure out what to do with this team. He's been a GM that does something, and I expect a shake up this season.


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Reply paul
07:17 AM on January 21, 2013 
The difficulty is this: how do you trade our problem players and get a quality Big back? You'd have to package them with trade picks, and even then I'm not sure it would work out. I think we are really going to have to just suffer through this. I wouldn't trade Rondo-KG-Pierce-Bradley, and no one else is really going to bring you much return.
Reply Franklin
12:24 PM on January 21, 2013 
The bigger question Paul is, will Danny stit through this? Unlikely, this team needs to turn it on now, or they're will be trades. Regardless if they make sense or not.
Reply paul
09:34 PM on January 21, 2013 
Franklin says...
The bigger question Paul is, will Danny stit through this? Unlikely, this team needs to turn it on now, or they're will be trades. Regardless if they make sense or not.

God I hope he does, Franklin. Let's not go for a trade unless it's for someone we really really want, and let's NOT give up any of our top four players, especially Rondo. I hate a lot about what Rondo has done this year, but I still would rather ride into the future with him.
Reply rakim
04:34 AM on January 23, 2013 
I still don't believe that we should trade bradley at all costs and i'd have trouble dealing sullinger but if we trade something like him and jeff green for josh smith then i wouldn't oppose that.

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