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Recap: Welcome back to .500 basketball

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 20, 2013 at 11:15 PM

The Celtics were down 18 points in the first quarter, and that was a sign of something. The Celtics fought back, and tied the game during the second quarter. Green, and Lee scored 12 apiece at intermission, and the Celtics looked ready to take over the game when the third quarter started. Doc was frustrating too watch tonight. For me this was a poor coaching job. When he started to play hack a Drummond, and when he made 6-of-8 from the foul line that was a moment that Doc had to eat something. Doc basically gave the Pistons a total of 6 points because he wanted to hack the young center who went into tonight's game shooting 39% from the line.

Doc made this comment after the game.

“I have to find the right combinations or the right guys or we gotta get some guys outta here.”

So there you have it. The 6 game winning streak is followed up with a three game skid. I really don't have much more to say on this game. Rondo almost had a triple-double, and the refs screwed him over all night, and that is all.


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Reply paul
12:02 AM on January 21, 2013 
Reply paul
12:27 AM on January 21, 2013 
Detroit has a relatively powerful interior, which is where we are weak.
Reply jlil89
12:33 AM on January 21, 2013 
Detroit's big men just handled us all night
Reply Birdman33
02:33 AM on January 21, 2013 
It continues to be what we need size, danny will go out and get it.
Reply paul
07:12 AM on January 21, 2013 
But how do we get quality size without giving up Rondo?

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