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What to make of Pierce

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 20, 2013 at 6:30 AM









Rumors of a trade sent the fans off, and all I could think was no way. Danny Ainge no matter what. Will never trade Pierce. With that said. Paul Pierce has had monster games this season. Pierce has had a 40 point game, and in the following game he scored 35. Pierce has scored over 20 points in 16 out of 39 games, and yet he averages 19.3 a game. How many times has he scored less than 19? He's scored less than 19 points a total of 19 times. How many times has he scored 19 points total? Paul has scored 19 points 4 times this season. If you count how many times Paul has scored over at least 19 points it's a total of 20 games in 39 games played.

Pierce has shown he's very inconsistent. The numbers reflect that, and the stats do. Pierce is averaging 14.8 in his last five games. That's a negative 5 points per game. His shooting percentage is 37%, and Paul's jumper was flat Friday night, maybe the worst I've seen it all season. I think it's a sign that the Celtics need to stray away from focusing on Pierce as the number one option. Hell myself, and Paul have been saying that since last season.

What's the Celtics record when Paul scores over 20 a game? The Celtics are 10-6 when Pierce scores over 20 a game. That's a solid record. The Celtics are 2-4 when Rondo scores over 20, but Pierce has 10 more games of 20 or more on Rondo. So you can't really make a case on that. Rondo's scoring has increased every month this by one point. I really hope the Bulls game was a sign of things to come from Rondo. As for Pierce he needs to score when the offense comes his way. He shouldn't force it, and he's been very good at passing, and rebounding the ball this season. When Paul just plays the game on both ends, and when he puts focus on being a team player, and not the hero. The Celtics always seem great.

So for me it's black, and white with no grey area. The Celtics of course can't rely on Pierce every game, and I think it's unfair of them to ask. He can give the Celtics what they need. But the focus should be Rondo, and when they realize it. The better off they'll be, and they love to tease us with thinking they get it. Will we get the Rondo we want in Detroit, or the Rondo we despise.



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Reply paul
06:02 PM on January 20, 2013 
The focus has to be Rondo, but Rondo has to be dynamic, breaking down the defense. And it would mean so much if Pierce and Rondo could get in sync with each other more.

Don't let us down tonight, Rondo. I don't want to hear more crap from Ryan
Reply rakim
04:32 AM on January 23, 2013 
I believe we need to let pierce run alot more pick and roll. Last yr the game when rondo was suspended and when rondo didn't play vs nyk (just 2 examples) paul flourished in the pick & roll but when rondo is on the floor it seems congested because the defense rotates leaving rondo open and if he isnt cuttig pierce rarely passes him the ball and forces a bad shot i think he needs more faith in rondo

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