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What are Celtic fans thinking: Giving up on Terry?

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 8, 2012 at 7:00 AM

First two comments from ESPN RECAP


People seriously need to get over Ray. It's been FIVE MONTHS. Get over it. We're trying to win a championship this year, and Rondo, KG, Pierce, Doc, the entire Celtic team believes they can win a championship. They've underperformed, but they've looked a lot better than in the beginning of the season. We're on the right path, and we have to move on from the past. LET'S GO CELTICS.

I like the optimism, but it's hard to read this team , and if they can turn it around. They've shown us they can in years past, but how long can that magic work? I wish it didn't have to come down to that.


We would've won this game if Ray were shooting those threes instead of Terry.

I highly doubt it. I hate that fans attack Terry after one bad game. Pierce, and Ray had horrible games through the years. Terry can be streaky just like Ray, and Pierce. He just had a bad game.

Next two comments from RedsArmy recap


Really thought KG was going to bury a turn around. But that is just one of many problems tonight. Bass was invisible, Terry just had an off night-period, you had KG & Jet missing bunnies, missed FT’s late…. but the real issue here is the turnovers. Philly had a stretch in the 4th where they simply couldn’t hit a shot-if C’s wouldn’t have turned ball over 18 times, we win this game by 7 or 8 in regulation. Oh and it could be Rondo’s shoes Chuck. He’s wearing Foamposites which really are more of a shoe to style in than hoop in. I hope he goes back to his Hyperfuse.

I agree Terry just had an off night, and lets move on. I agree again that turnovers were an issue, and I think the problem is Pierce, or at least last night.

Joe E

After watching 18 games so far, I’ve come to believe that the Celts have conceided HCA. This team is not going to improve. I just don’t see this team looking to establish an identity. They can’t defend or rebound effectively. Also, I haven’t been impressed with Doc’s coaching. I think Doc’s coaching has been subpar thus far.

I just don’t like this roster and I’ve never felt like this during the Garnett era.

I understand this fan, and I think he has some good points. I disagree about the roster comment. I like this team. The Celtics just need that player like Perk, and I hate that comes down to that. I hate bringing it up, but the Celtics miss that type of player. The Celtics won't contend for homecourt again, and I think they cared before the season started, but I guess not.

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1 Comment

Reply Franklin
11:02 AM on December 08, 2012 
Come on, Terry is fine. Look at Bass, the guy is down this year cuz of Green. I think the Celtics have Sully as well. The Celtics don't have enough player with intangables.

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