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The Good,the Bad,and the Ugly: Game 19 vs the 76ers

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 8, 2012 at 6:30 AM

The Good

:D  The defensive effort Friday night had me excited until the C's lost 95-94. The Celtics did almost everything they need to. They allowed 18% from three, and they allowed 37% from the field. They also lost  the glass by one 54-53. KG and Rondo played at their best, and the Celtics nearly put together a win. Can the Celtics continue the intensity? I think so, and it needs to happen soon.

:D Jeff Green was good. Green had  a clutch three, and his 19 points, and 8 rebounds impacted the game. He was crucial to the game, and Green has been on a role for the past few games. He's either found his way, or he's just on a streak. I think it's safe to say that he's taken over for Bass. Because what's going on with Bass?

The Bad

:( Bass played 23 minutes, and he only had two points off of 0-of-1 shooting. Bass has been one of the most inconsistent Celtics all season. He can give you 16 points one game, and give you two the next. Every single Celtic outside of Rondo, and KG have issues with being consistent. 

:( Terry had his worst game as a Celtic. He had very good looks Friday night. But he couldn't connect. Terry was 1-0f-12, and I think he'll have a good scoring game Saturday against the 76ers. If Terry hits one, or two shots than the game could have ended the way we wanted.

:| The Celtics had issues with turning the ball over, and they had 18 for the game. Rondo had 5, and that's not as bad as you think. Pierce with 4 on the other hand is high. Rondo has the ball more than any player, and he's setting the offense up so it's natural that he has a couple a game sometimes. Five isn't ideal, but Pierce with 4 just can't happen. When he's turning the ball over. It means Pierce is playing hero ball, and that he's tired at times. C's can't win if he's turning the ball over, it's that simple.

The Ugly

:mad: The Celtics gave up 40 points in the paint, and the Celtics continue to show major weakness inside. It's hitting 20 games tonight, and we know what we have, and we know what they need to work on. I hate to say it, but the Celtics need a player who can clog the paint, and a guy who can help control the paint with KG. Wilcox can help at times, and outside of that. Bass is undersized, and Sully is just learning. Green is also undersized if you put him in the mix. Rebounding is a concern, but a bigger issue to me is interior defense.

Perk isn't walking through that door, but somebody needs to. I really hate to see someone like Bass go, or any of the Celtics. I truly thought the Celtics would be good with the additions they made this season. And I think their better, but think about Tyson Chandler , and other teams beating the crap out of the Celtics. Why did the Knicks beat the Heat? Maybe it was Chandler, and the stronger frontline that beat the very weak frontline of the Heat. All I know is that the Celtics have a major issue, and I'm concerned they can't fix it.

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Reply paul
08:31 AM on December 08, 2012 
I've never understood why we went small, in the Perk trade, to imitate the Heat.
Reply Franklin
10:59 AM on December 08, 2012 
paul says...
I've never understood why we went small, in the Perk trade, to imitate the Heat.

The issue with that? James,and Wade are two of the best rebounding wings,so they dominate the glass. U put in a big that can rebound,and clog the lane,and we beat the Heat.

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