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Should Darko, or Sullinger start?

Posted by shawn cassidy on October 8, 2012 at 10:10 PM

Doc toyed with the lineup Sunday, and he started Sulinger at power forward over Bass. That means nothing in the preseason. But it could be a good move to start Jared?

Forsberg ESPN Boston

"Rivers cautioned against reading too much into Sunday's lineup change. Brandon Bass, the incumbent starting power forward, knocked down all five shots he took and quietly put up 11 points and eight rebounds over 24:36 off the bench."

Would Bass play better off the bench with Jeff Green, and Jason Terry? Maybe, but it seems unlikely that Doc will pull off a move like that. It's plain to see that Sully is a steal thus far. Sullinger hasn't looked like a rookie lost in translation. He's willing to learn, and he seems ready for his role, whatever that may be. The real question is this. Can Jared perform this way against NBA talent? If anything, the past two games have been confidence boosters.

I think Jared has made a case to start so far, but he must out shine himself the rest of the way in the preseason. So what about Darko starting at center?

Darko gave us all a frown when the headlines came through twitter that he was signing with the Boston Celtics. Some despise him, and that's the wrong approach in my opinion. People label him as a draft bust, and quite frankly he is just that. But to be fair. If you put that away, and bury that thought in the back of your mind. You may just open up your mind to see what he truly is. He's no Dwight Howard, of Andrew Bynum, but he's  a solid center in today's NBA. Of course he has many flaws, but defensively he's shown so much already.

On Sunday Milicic scored just two points, but ripped down   a team-high nine rebounds to go along with a team-high four blocked shots. He played limited minutes Sunday as well. It's really to early to tell if both Jared, and Darko carry this strong play into the season. But honestly, it could be far worse than this.

On another note, Chris Wilcox will undergo an MRI on his back. So the depth may already take a hit.

So please share your thoughts gang. Do you think either Darko, or Sully should start in place of Bass?

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Reply Celticslifer
10:59 PM on October 08, 2012 
I think either one would be a great choice, but Doc will stick with Bass.
Reply paul
11:09 PM on October 08, 2012 
I thinkit's a mattter of when, not if, Sully starts over Bass.
Reply Celts9
02:09 AM on October 09, 2012 
Sullinger will take his job. I want him to.
Reply paul
03:37 AM on October 09, 2012 
Celts9 says...
Sullinger will take his job. I want him to.

I don't know. I think Bass is better suited to coming off the bench. Terry seems to recognize that for some players, that's where they are most effective
Reply GeeZeeCeltics
08:37 AM on October 09, 2012 
paul says...
I don't know. I think Bass is better suited to coming off the bench. Terry seems to recognize that for some players, that's where they are most effective

Yeah, some people can understand that. Some end up in Miami. (wink)

Anyway, Darko is an interesting case. Doc has to be very careful with him, because Milicic needs to build confidence. Putting him in the starting five could be counterproductive because it puts a certain strain on a player who isn't used to it. The starting 5 is asked to deliver consistent basketball, and it's hard to sustain. So I think Darko should stay on the bench to begin games. Sullinger, however, seems to be a very fitting compliment to anyone on the floor, so he could/should/will slide in to the starting 5 at some point.

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