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NBA Nightly Rundown: fining players for flopping

Posted by shawn cassidy on September 28, 2012 at 1:00 AM

The NBA reportedly will start fining players for flopping-Yahoo

Spokesman Tim Frank said Thursday the league is finalizing procedures to deal with flopping, the art of falling down when little or no contact was made in an effort to trick referees into calling a foul.

Frank said the competition committee met two weeks ago and discussed plans that would go in place this season. Commissioner David Stern believes too many players are deceiving referees by flopping and has been seeking a way to properly penalize them.

The procedures will likely involve a postgame review of the play by the league office, rather than an official calling an infraction during the game, Frank said. Players would likely be fined if the league determined they flopped.

The proposed plan mirrors a ''postgame analysis'' option Stern discussed after the competition committee met in June. The league already retroactively reviews flagrant fouls to determine if they need to be upgraded or downgraded.


First of all I'm glad the league wants to stop flopping, but why take money from the players? Players are deceiving because the refs call flops. If the refs stop calling flops, than won't the players stop? Why take money from the players? You already took from them last year when you had the lockout. The players adapt to what the refs call. Flopping started in my view when the restricted circle came into play.

 Within the new rules. A ref can still call a flop during the game that can still change an outcome of a game. The league is addressing the flop after the fact, kind of pointless. I don't care if a player gets fined after my team losses because of a bad call.

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Reply Birdman33
03:30 AM on September 28, 2012 
The league doing or trying the right thing, but your right sticking to the players.
Reply paul
08:46 AM on September 28, 2012 
Right on, Shawn. And why are refs never penalized?
Reply Celticslifer
10:24 AM on September 28, 2012 
paul says...
Right on, Shawn. And why are refs never penalized?

Exactly, and I believe Shawn has said that before as well if I;m mistaken. It's a dumb way to fix flopping, like you said. It doesn't help the game what so ever. It's after the fact.
Reply paul
10:27 AM on September 28, 2012 
It's apparently always easier to stick it to the players.
Reply paul
10:31 AM on September 28, 2012 
If you ask me, these players are all abused by the system. In high school, some coach is trying to make his career off them. Then they go to college, where they help millions and millions of dollars change hands, and for this they get room and board, if they are lucky. Then they go to the pros, where if they are lucky, they MIGHT make a few million, which likely they get bilked out of, of they misspend - after all, they've been trained on the way up to be suckers.

The arbitrary way the league docks their pay is just par for the course.




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