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Question of the day: MP for the $1.95 million biannual exception?

Posted by shawn cassidy on September 3, 2012 at 7:30 AM

Pietrus was a fan favorite last season. He came in when the Celtics needed someone to take over for Jeff Green. MP played that role the best he could. He suffered a pretty big concussion against the Sixers in the regular season, and he finally came back to form in the playoffs. He never fully recovered it seemed from that fall, but he was still good, and he had great moments.

But MP also provided many head scratching moments. Maybe he took too many three's? Yes he did, but he with the $1.95 million biannual exception should the Celtics take a chance on Pietrus again? As insurance, or as deep at the wing spot, where Lebron lurks in the shadows. I personally want another big with that money. But MP isn't a bad choice. But that's if he's willing to suck up his pride. He doesn't want that kind of money, he wants more, and frankly he doesn't deserve it. The bigger question could be this. The Celtics don't have roster spots really, they have a lot of camp invites, but it's still very likely that the Celtics sign a solid free agent that's left on a thin market, or a player is waived during canp, or even before camp.

Does MP interest you guys still?

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Reply paul
08:13 AM on September 03, 2012 
I think we have enough bigs. If we could bring Pietrus back, I would. He is a versatile player who offers a lot of intangibles. It says a lot for how strong and deep a team is when you have a Dooling and a Pietrus at the end of your bench.
Reply Franklin
10:47 AM on September 03, 2012 
Bring him back. He will take that money, cuz nobody will pay him more.
Reply paul
11:57 AM on September 03, 2012 
If he thinks he's getting more than that, I think he's wrong.
Reply Celticslifer
05:17 PM on September 03, 2012 
MP needs to take a deal soon? Maybe, but he just needs to come back.
Reply BostonGlenn
06:24 PM on September 03, 2012 
I guess MP will still be a good choice after all.. He just prove himself last season so I hope they can still sign him..
Reply paul
08:33 AM on September 04, 2012 
As a guy to fill out your bench with, I think he's great. He is versatile, plays hard, and has a lot of good energy.

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