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KG and Rondo's growth as teammates

Posted by shawn cassidy on August 7, 2012 at 11:20 AM

The sun will come, the sun will go, it will rain and it will snow, the seasons change and time will pass. But underneath everything. Finding the right teammate or person could challenging, but KG and Rondo seem on the same page.  KG has been the biggest fan of Rondo on the Celtics. KG sees something that no other Celtic player sees. It's always been that way it seems. 

Two minds, one dream. Two hopes, one destiny. There are times when  people meet, and an instant connection is born. The connection between KG,and Rondo took some time to build. But it's alive now. They both seem to have the same desire, and same passion. They both go about it differently. But we see the message, and the team receives the message.  So when  I saw the picture of KG,and Rondo together having fun in the offseason. It was a moment of relief. I was thrilled to see both guys bonding even more.

Because we all hope this stuff happens. It shows us that everything is pretty good with this team. Ray Allen put all that hate out there about Rondo, but the truth is this. Ray Allen never got Rondo. KG gets the young star point guard. This seasons chemistry could overshadow anything we've seen in recent years. We thought last years team had chemistry. This season could be similar to 2008's chemistry.

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Reply C'slife
11:27 AM on August 07, 2012 
Love the fact that their out having fun. So good to see.
Reply Franklin
11:39 AM on August 07, 2012 
You never see too many teammates out like that. Or we don't get to see it. Good to see. It's a sign of good things to come!
Reply paul
12:02 PM on August 07, 2012 
It's so heartening to see those guys bonding. They are going to be the heart and soul of our team. I would like to see Pierce in that picture too.

Notice, when you look at Rondo and Garnett side by side that Rondo has almost the same size shoulders and arms!

Rondo and Garnett are two guys who have vision. That's rare.
Reply Morena
10:06 PM on August 07, 2012 
I'm so happy to see the two of them have fun together!!
Reply jlil89
01:58 AM on August 08, 2012 
I wonder how stoned KG is under those glasses? Hahaha
Reply C'slife
02:28 AM on August 08, 2012 
jlil89 says...
I wonder how stoned KG is under those glasses? Hahaha

That's funny man, maybe he's on government issued stuff.
Reply paul
08:48 AM on August 08, 2012 
Lol, Jlil!

If KG is on gvt. issued psyche drugs, does that mean he is under mind control?