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Celtics Morning Joe: The Celtics are no fun,and games this season

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 13, 2011 at 6:00 AM

The Celtics last season had a fun bunch of guys. Shaq was the ring leader of course,and Big Bay right after that,and when Nate was with the team before the trade he was apart of it. The fun,and games soon came to an end once the Celtics lost to the Heat. Nothing was fun about that. If you look at this years team we don't have that player who takes it to far off the court. When I thought about Baby,and Delonte,and why they're not back in green. I came to one conclusion. I believe the Celtics didn't want their personalities in the locker room. West seemed like a great teammate,but did his everyday approach during the lockout hurt his chances with the Celtics. I think so. West  wasn't like Marbury like in 2009,but it had the same kind of feel. West made some dumb comments every week. Baby was doing much of the same. As for Big Baby. I think the Celtics traded him because of his crazy personality,and because he wanted too much money,and I understand that. Baby had a lot of drama in Boston. He either cried because KG layed into him,or he would talk too much,and play selfish.


This season we have a team that looks,and sounds older. This version of the Celtics seems serious. We won't have any pranks,and we won't have any weird tweets. This Celtics team wants attention by winning,and not by being funny.

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Reply paul
08:42 AM on December 13, 2011 
I think that this is actually one of the best positive spin comments on Danny's work that I've seen so far. Nate, Perk, West and Baby all seem pretty much almost willfully stupid. It's like they all have selfish, narrow perspectives on life. All have had a tendency to make painfully stupid and selfish comments, except Nate. I don't remember any from him. But I remember Perk demanding the right to step into the starting role when he returned from injury - this was in the summer, during the time that JO and Shaq were brought in. I hated that comment at the time. Of course one would hope that he would, but how could he or anyone else know at the time how well and how quickly he would recover, and how well JO and Shaq would be playing? As for West, his comments this summer about getting a job were the kind of empathy-less comments that make one sick. West is a millionaire many times over. If he really did take a job at Office Depot, he'd be taking it away from someone who really needs it. Then he and Baby both stabbed the players union in the back towards the end of the lockout, complaining about how badly they needed their money. Really, Delonte and Baby? Really? Try getting a real effing job, and find what it's really like to struggle to make ends meet.

So I'd like to subscribe to your theory, Shawn. And maybe you are right. But I'm sorry, Danny has proven himself to being a liar and a snakeoil salesman, as far as I can see, and a compulsive gambler constantly in search of the next deal. Doc has proven himself, in my view, to be a small-minded suckup. It's all too easy to fall into Doc's doghouse, because he seems to let his personal feelings about people get in the way of making his players and his team better. These two lowlifes have no business passing judgement on other people's characters, if you ask me.

And I think there is another pattern at work here that is far more relevant. I think the reason Danny has been busy getting rid of people is that he STILL REFUSES TO ACCEPT THE BLAME for wrecking last season with The Trade. It is impossible for anyone to seriously argue that such a massive disruption of the team, where about a third of the team was sent away and replaced on the fly, with barely a month to go in the season, didn't wreck the Celtics chances of going into the playoffs with maximum cohesion, and surely every serious Celtic fan must understand that cohesion was their secret weapon, the way they had to make up for their age. No, Danny's rampage is about justifying what he did. That's why his offseason strategy revolved around getting rid of all the oddballs, and wildly overpaying Jeff Green. That doesn't mean this team won't gel and succeed. Maybe they will, though I have to think the odds are against them. I don't see how you can rate them second. You have to rate at least Miami, Chicago and NYC over them, and maybe more. THIS IS STILL AN AGING TEAM, with a coaching staff that doesn't like rebounding, doesn't like pushing the pace, and doesn't like working with young players or the bench. I don't say they can't put together a miracle season. When you have the Big Four, you have a lot. But it's awfully hard to see it right now.

And if you really think that Danny's strategy was to get rid of the guys who seem selfish and almost willfully dumb, why is he so hot for Chris Paul and Dwight Howard? Howard seems like a very genial guy, but his all-over-the-place comments and constant implied blaming aren't very impressive, are they? Meanwhile, Chris Paul is busy trying to arrange a shotgun-divorce, trying to dictate to any team that might consider going after him, while withholding his own commitment; does his personal really impress you? And remember, this is the guy who declared that he had to beat Kobe Bryant because he had to 'feed his family' - remember that? How selfish and clueless and empathy-deprived does a multi-multi-millionaire have to be to make a comment like that at times like these?

No, Danny and Doc have no business passing character-based judgement on anyone. This offseason has been a disaster, with Danny obsessively chasing his latest Big Deal, and Doc making nasty about players that have been let go, and our best player, Rondo, being basically tormented publically (and yes, he made a brave show that it hasn't bothered him, but you can be sure it has), all ultimately in thes service of Danny's planetary ego.

The whole thing sickens me. And on top of it, the willingness of fans, including you, to turn on ex-players, while finding reasons to worship Danny, MAKES ME SICK. I'm truly done writing here this time. I really despise the Celtics and their fandom at this point. Even if the Cs win a championship, I really don't give a damn. IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT WINNING for me. It's more about the character you show, and this team and its fans are a disgusting collection of creeps, in my opinion.
Reply paul
01:47 PM on December 13, 2011 
I look forward to you next article blaming Rondo for everything that went wrong last year, now that it's been revealed that he had a temper tantrum. Remember, Danny, Doc and the Big Three are never at fault.




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