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Looking at the ground, the quiet heart of the spiritual power of a strong fire broke out, Britain magic eyes flashed a little surprised, followed by mouth showing a smile! At this point, the evil on the forehead of the carnage has been condensed into a three-inch Scarlet Sword. Priscilla, Queen of the eyes of a, small silver sword burst shot out! With corrosion of the evil spirits of the world of all things, the Road Department. Have left a deep trace, looking at the the Xuejian rushing in Qingyuan in the eyes of fierce determination and a little sad! This time he has been holding the heart of mortal must cry thundered, Qingyuan toward the Xuejian flying away. Looked about to hit the silver Xuejian Qingyuan closed his eyes! At this point, wholesale jerseys from china,a shaking beam of light suddenly fell from the sky! Bitter split three inches Xuejian Dark flash of light, strong Jianqi and fall from the sky purple rally! Britain magic looked at their sudden violet leng! Face softly: "Is he?", Then drop on the ground, violet and the Xuejian occurrence of the explosion of a giant strong, a clap of thunder loud noise, the ground is strong air blow out a large-Zhang Xu pit. Qingyuan is also surprised a moment, at this time a powerful Purple really from behind suddenly inject your body! Ear heard that familiar voice said: "Qingyuan how are you feeling," looked back, a familiar face imprinted in the line of sight. Qingyuan with a hoarse, excited voice said: "Brother!" Qing Ye, who looked at this familiar figure to the heart is a thrill! Here, the air, and Britain magic looking at the clear dry real figure was relieved in his mind only afraid of one person. But from what I wanted to hit the can and on their own demons tie, it seems that the repair is not simple, think of this golden magic that will alert them to look at this sudden odd man! Clear dry smiled and looked in front seen in several days, Young began: "Qingyuan, did not expect only a few days have not seen your repair on the promotion so much!" Looking at the face of clear dry kind, wholesale jerseys from china,Qingyuan eyes moist with excitement, hoarse voice Road: "Brother, do not think we can meet! Unfortunately, Young has died in Britain magic in the hands!" At this Qingyuan with a self- responsibility and sad! "What Young dead magic hands of Britain?" Clear dry heard shocked. Britain magic looking at the figure of clear dry air among the frowning, not only actually do not see this sudden cultivation, and this person also filled with a Xianqi, is it Once upon a time people? Britain magic head is filled with doubt. Learned that Britain magic back to life, and Young's cause of death from the the Qingyuan mouth, Qing Ye, a surge of anger from my mind at this time, dry body exudes a strong momentum, even the clear dry tragedy of the repair can not help trembling up. After listening to the the Qingyuan drop, clear dry eyes fired at the figure of the air. Into the air, a middle-aged man, his face was an invisible atmosphere enveloped not see face, mouth hint of sneer, look at the middle-aged man chest Britain a Tin volley standing eyes a ghost, a blade beast is cold depending on their own. When you see the ghost beast Qingxudong is also robust: the ghost sector Wicked Enchantress! "An inconceivable that tone from the discourse of penetration out. Mid-air, cheap jerseys from china,and Britain Magic coldly: "You are what people! Why the law of the door tactic?" Magic shot to the indifference of eyes looking at Britain, Qingyuan did not escape, four eyes met an murderous virtually spread open to clear dry coldly: "I do not need to answer you, because you are dead in my eyes! " Heard this, Britain magic furious centuries, only lost one. However, in the blood pool practicing for centuries, and occasionally the bottom in the blood to the ghost device Britain Tin. Thundered loudly chest ghost beast and shoved it toward the clear litter on the ground rapidly swooped away. Bao He soon clear dry into a white roll ejection around Priscilla, Queen of shuttling back and forth, hide Enchantress attack. Suddenly around wind Nuxiao, chi waves, the ghost the beast Enchantress suddenly exudes a powerful Ghostly diffuse around, enveloped in a layer of white fog, clear dry and the wind and other people could not see anything around. Fog, dry clear hint of sneer, his right hand a blue light flashing, colored phototherapy around Baoshe open numerous ying interludes in that fog, vertical and horizontal. Qing Ye vacated, what the whole purple light rose, a powerful noble spiritual power poured out from the body, holiness and majesty of the potential, in one fell swoop all the pressure surrounding the Ghostly. Britain magic to see the holy gas was surprised and said: "Once upon a people! Why tubes of human thing!" Into the air, authentic nfl jerseys,clear dry and Britain magic confrontation with surprised eyes looking at Britain magic cast, coldly: "I do not have to explain you what! Look at the trick!", Then down, clear dry hands radiant, powerful one The blue glow sell out, flying in mid-air rotation. Magic Britain anxious Chao back to Britain Tin sideways to avoid the ghost knife Enchantress kept flying, blood red light ups and downs, blue and clear dry issued by colliding with each other neck and neck! Britain magic in the match for the Blu-ray, brain thinking about the origins of this quiet blue light. Why and this ghost Priscilla, Queen of the bucket, regardless of victory or defeat! On the ground, Qingyuan is staring at the air into the fight, but his is a bit nervous, because of the Britain Magic ghosts in the hands inevitably stand upwind, but the Blu-ray is also clear from the situation in perspective litter brothers that issued non-lightly thing, the mind at ease a little! Shortly after, Blu-ray back to the clear dry hands, and a length of about three feet of blue cross appeared in front of the short fork flashing light blue Guanghua, an holy of gas from the fork revealed. Britain magic looked reveal to us what the Blu-ray turned out to be a harpoon, heavier hearts of doubt, this harpoon from a distributed aura, apparently non-trivial thing. At this point, clear dry to take advantage of Britain magic distraction, his hands quickly to form a triangular line of the French and Indian, the aura around at an alarming rate fierce convergence towards the middle of the blink of an eye, wholesale designer purses, a lion head formed in Qing Ye chest. Britain magic suddenly woke up, clear dry thundered loudly and said: "fairy day tactics Note lion French and Indian hands suddenly forward to, mixed with the thunder of the lion roar, not offended the king of the diffuse gas enveloped Britain magic. Looked suddenly attacked from the roar Kuang Shi, Britain magic face heavy holiness of the gas contained in the inside of the blow, his heart is very clear, this is Once upon a law tactics, brought together the world of Reiki evolved the power of large Also to avoid the do not open. Act decisively and Britain magic one bite, Britain Tin readily projectile out of the hands knot with his chest. A blood-red Bagua map, behind the line, roared out "demons Flurry - chaos of one The chest Britain Tin suddenly quiver, knife ghost beast Enchantress in issue miserable experience roar. Britain magic body startled, a ray of red from Gorefiend body flying to the chest on top of Britain Tin behind the gossip blood Figure suddenly went up to the Qing Ye Kuang Shi.
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Posts: 2
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