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NBA NIGHTLY RUNDOWN: Wallace works out for the Knicks, should the NBA cut down the season?

Posted by shawn cassidy on September 24, 2012 at 12:15 AM

Wallace has been rumored to come back for the past three seasons. Last year it was reported that Wallace signed with the Lakers, that story fell off the face of the earth. The year before in 2011, Stephen A. Smith reported that Wallace would return to the Celtics by the playoffs. None of these things happened of course. The myth of Wallace returns this season. Ric Bucher reports that Sheed worked out with the Knicks.

@RicBucher NBA news: Rasheed Wallace working out at NYK practice facility w/Camby and Kurt Thomas. Knicks' considering.

Good luck Wallace. I doubt his return. It's been too long, and he's tried for the past two seasons. I don't see a return. On the other hand I wouldn't be surprised.

After last year's scramble, coaches embrace a full preseason

George Karl: "I'm sure Commissioner Stern won't like this, but I think the product would be better if we shortened the season. When we start playing in late October, the people are thinking football. If you could just get us less fatigue [in a shorter season], I think you'd have a better product. When they started on Christmas Day, I thought, 'This is not a bad idea. This should be the start of NBA basketball ... Maybe start Dec. 1 and play 62 games, whatever number they'd come to."

I hate to say it, but I agree with Karl. But I think it messes up the legacy of players. Think about this. What If Rondo is chasing down Bob Cousy for the top spot for most assists in Celtics history. Rondo will be losing 20 games a season for the remainder of his career. That's not fair, and the ultimate goal is a championship. But stats mean something to others, and to the players.

The NBA would never take away 20 games. It would cost them money, but the product would be better. I think it would be.

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1 Comment

Reply paul
08:41 AM on September 24, 2012 
I agree with Karl. Of course, fans don't want to see a shorter season. We can't help being selfish that way. But it would be best.




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