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Doc: "too many jumpers"

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 30, 2012 at 6:30 AM

Come on Doc you finally see that the Celtics take too many jumpers? It's been like this all season. Tonight it was just that obvious.

"We had 1,000 open shots tonight. A lot of them were jump shots," Rivers told reporters in Oakland. "And at some point, I thought, you've got to penetrate and take it to the basket. They don't have a lot of shot blocking, and we didn't do that. But it's hard to tell a shooter not to shoot an open shot. So, as a coach, you're kind of stuck. You let them keep taking them and you hope that some go in, and they didn't."

"[The Warriors] made shots. They made a lot of shots that were contested," Rivers said. "You know, but they made a lot of shots that were uncontested, too, and that's what bothered me early on. I think their first four baskets were guys standing there with no hands up."

The Celtics didn't contest sh*t Saturday night in Oakland. Pardon my french. But it felt like the Warriors did what the Celtics wanted to do. They drove the ball , and kicked out to the open shooter. Doc has answers, but are they the right answers. It's easy to bag on Doc right now, and I'm one of them. I feel like Doc is the right guy, but he's stubborn, and I don't know who's listening to Doc anymore.

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Reply paul
07:17 AM on December 30, 2012 
As I see it, Doc came into this season with no plan. I thought that Ainge did a thoughtful job of putting a potentially nice, even great, team together, but right away it looked like Doc had no plan, other than juggling lineups and going 'small ball'. Looking back, the story seems all too clear. Doc must have been absolutely stunned by Ray leaving. His ideas about how to run this team have been built around Ray, it seems, for five years. He really had no other plan. There never has been a Rondo-centered plan.

So really, for Doc to suddenly notice that this team jacks Js all the time is such a joke. Such a joke. No point guard in the league is better at probing the defense and finding open people, but we never really went to an offense built around that, and we never really had a plan for how to use the new people, beyond trying to shoehorn them into roles created for other people. What a mess.

But don't let Danny off the hook. He started this with The Trade.

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