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Will the Celtics Retire KG and Ray's numbers?

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 27, 2011 at 3:13 AM

The Celtics are the most storied franchise in the NBA. It really never gets old saying that. The  Celtics have the most banners,and the most retired number in the NBA. Currently we have three future hall of famers in Pierce,Allen,and Garnett. I think! Oh yes I know Paul Pierce will have his number hanging in the garden rafters. Paul has been a Celtic since 1999,and he's been a Celtic for his entire career. I think everyone knows Paul has been here for his entire career,but it's a great fact.

KG was a former MVP for the T'Wolves,and a former all-star MVP in a T'wolves uniform. He won four rebounding titles with the T'Wolves. The list could go on and on. We know KG will have his number retired in Minnesota. He's the greatest player in T'wolves history. KG spent 12 years in Minnesota. KG was traded to the most storied franchise in 2007. KG was in  search for his first NBA championship. He would deliver with Pierce and Allen. KG changed everything about this team. He gave us a voice on the court,and he held his teammates accountable. The defense became the Celtics business card. KG would go on and win the defensive player of the year in 2008. KG hasn't played his best basketball with the Celtics,but he was the key component in banner 17. He was the last piece to the puzzle.He's done some great things in a Celtics uniform. A recent number that was retired with the Kings franchise was Chris Webber. He was there for almost seven seasons. If you want to make the argument of number of years with one team. KG will be a Celtics for at least five seasons. Will KG need to bring banner 18 to Boston?

Ray Allen I didn't forget about you. Ray was a Buck,Sonic,and now a Celtic. His longest run on one team? The Bucks for almost seven seasons. Next season Ray will be on his 5th season with the Celtics. Ray just like KG played his best games in another uniform.KG and Ray played their best team ball in a Celtics uniform that counts for something right? Ray broke Reggie Millers record in a Celtics uniform,and both KG and Ray have been an all-star with the Celtics.

The Celtics should make room for Ray and KG. Especially if Ray and KG sign for a couple of seasons after their contracts are up.The two players help bring the Celtics back from the dead. I think it would be great to have all three players at the same time get their numbers retired.

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1 Comment

Reply paul
10:58 AM on June 27, 2011 
There should be no question about retiring KG's and Ray's numbers. They should be retired. But for them to truly rank with the great Celtic legends, they need another championship. And I'd trade them to Orlando for DH. I'd still retire their numbers.




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