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The 5 things I won't miss from the 'Big Four' era

Posted on July 8, 2013 at 5:20 AM

It's been an emotional roller coaster for the past few weeks. We lost Doc, because he wanted out of town. We lost KG and Pierce because Ainge wanted to build now for the future and for today. We've talked about the great moments, and memories that will touch our lives forever. In the past 6 years not everything has been perfect. You can't agree with everything that has been done, and we certainly didn't enjoy everything that happened along the way. So what are some of things that I won't miss from the past 6 years?

5. The 'Old' jokes

The Celtics proved their doubters wrong more times than not. They fell short of the Finals in 2012, and 2011 had nothing to do with their age. The 2010 miracle run was a mix of Rondo's brilliance, and the 'Big 3' finding their legs after resting a ton during the season. We will no longer get teased about the age of KG, Pierce, and Ray, of course Ray was replaced with Terry this past season. But I'm happy we won't have to hear about their age.

4. Doc's tired offense

I hate to say it, because honestly I was saying it since 2012 when the Celtics had a rough start during the  shortened season. They started 15-17, before finishing 24-10 in the second half of the season. This past season we lost Rondo midway through the season, and we lost Ray Allen before the season. With that said, Doc's failure to alter, or to change the offense was annoying. Doc did a good job with a lot of the X's and O's, but when it came to having an offensive game plan. Doc was relying on Rondo to make something out of nothing. When Doc was desperate. He ran the ball through Pierce a lot, and Paul wasn't consistent in isolation anymore because Paul didn't have a second option usually if he was trapped. So, I'm looking forward to a new creative offense, and let's hope we see something different.

3. Trade Rumors

Rondo is still here,and he's now the main focus in any rumor,  but we won't have to hear about Pierce and KG rumors anymore. Ray was gone this past season, but it was still annoying when he was here, and it was one of many reasons he left the Celtics. Despite Danny offering him a no trade clause last season. Although trade rumors will still surround this team, especially with Rondo. It's just nice knowing we won't have to deal with the rumors surrounding the 'Big 3' anymore.

2. Bad mid level exception signings

The Celtics have been contenders for the past 6 years. With that the Celtics ownership group allowed Danny to spend. With the C's over the cap, they could still use the 5 million mid level exception. That would bring in some guys that were either a must, or the best high profile free agent that would consider the Celtics. Rasheed Wallace in 2010 wasn't great, or good in his one and only season with the Celtics. He was big in the playoffs, and I suppose that was the reason he was brought in, but Wallace was a bust. 

The next season Wallace was retiring, and Perk was out until the winter time. Danny signed the best option that the Celtics could afford with the 5 million mid level. We know the rest, JO played 49 games in his two seasons with the Celtics, and a handful of playoff games in 2011. He was a bust. In 2012, Danny brought in Jason Terry. He was supposed to work along with Ray. But once word broke that the C's were going to sign Terry at the mid level, Ray was gone to Miami.

The Celtics will not use that this season, especially with the Celtics building for the now and future. I understand why Danny made those moves, but they were disappointing signings overall. 

1. Resting the stars for the playoffs, losing in the regular season

You want to talk about tanking? The Celtics picked rest over wins since 2010. It worked, but it also back fired at times. The Celtics lost game seven on the road last season in the Eastern Conference Finals. They also lost game seven of the NBA Finals without home court. It's fair to say without the rest the Celtics would have tanked earlier in 2010 and in 2012. I will miss KG more than I would like to lead on, but I won't miss the minutes restriction he was on. I think home court is very important, and the Heat have been a prime example of that.

I would take all of the above back if I could have one more season with the 'Big 3', or maybe just Paul and Kevin. What are some of the things you won't miss?

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Reply paul
07:13 AM on July 08, 2013 
It was a team that did not fulfill its potential but it did restore Celtics Price.
Reply NeCsFan
09:32 AM on July 08, 2013 
I won't miss seeing rondo run 1 man fast breaks, or Ray Allen or Jason Terry for that matter running around screens for a month of Sundays
Reply rcraig617
12:33 PM on July 08, 2013 
I won't miss kg shooting tons of jumpers over smaller guys that he should be taking on the low block.
Reply paul
12:49 PM on July 08, 2013 
you guys hit some big ones there, esp. KG not taking the block. Let's encourage an attitude that loves the J, but loves the block too
Reply Greg
12:57 PM on July 08, 2013 
I won't miss Doc not playing the rookies,or young guys.
Reply paul
02:20 PM on July 08, 2013 
Greg says...
I won't miss Doc not playing the rookies,or young guys.

I won't miss Doc smarming it up with the media. That said, Stevens' gosh shucks demeanor could get old too...