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Celtics Morning Joe: Another morning, and another day talking about defense

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 7, 2012 at 6:00 AM

When the Celtics lost Ray Allen I thought the defense improved that second. So far we still wait for the defensive guru Avery Bradley. Courtney Lee is a solid defensive player, but his 0.6 steals per game won't cut it. He did very well on Wade in game one of the season. But he's been pretty inconsistent so far. Rondo has been very inconsistent also. Rondo's only averaging 1.6 steals per game, and in past years he's usually about 2.5.

The Celtics year after year are one of the best, if not the best guarding the three-point line. So far this season their ranked 26th in guarding the three-point arc. Is it a carry over from last years Eastern Conference Finals when the Celtics allowed Mike Miller, and Chris Bosh to go off behind he arc.

ESPN Boston

Things like closing out on shooters, correct positioning around the free throw line and the elbows and protecting the baseline were some of the most frequently discussed topics during Tuesday's session.

"Well we're getting it. It's just going to take time," coach Doc Rivers said. "I thought we were a lot better today. We work on a lot of principles and tendencies. Offensively, it's just moving the ball.

“Defensively, just running the coverages and talking. It just takes time."

The Celtics spent the majority of the 90-minute practice working in a halfcourt setting, going through drills and motions that stressed the defensive tendencies the coaches felt needed to be worked on.

"Just staying consistent with your system, staying disciplined, and just knowing your assignment," Jason Terry said of what the defensive work was like Tuesday. "That's just what we're working on, and it's repetition. If you don't do it during practice, you won't do it in a game. So we're just putting an emphasis on it here, and hopefully it'll carry over to the game tomorrow."

A key aspect of defense is rebounding. But it's been something that has plagued the Celtics since the 2010 season. They lost an NBA title because they couldn't rebound. But that's an old scar. I hope the Celtics come out with defense in mind. The offense will come. The defense needs to be the staple, and calling card of this team. Like is has for the past five seasons. KG is only one man, and he can't hold down the fort for more than 28-32 minutes a night. When it comes to the playoffs that's a different story.

KG is the mastermind behind the defense. He speaks, and calls out commands to his team. KG lives by defense. And Rondo needs to understand that. If Rondo can learn one thing from KG. I hope it's that defense does mean something, and you can't take a play off. Rondo has great potential on the defensive end. He's one of the best in the game at any position on the defensive side of the ball. The defense has seen troubles through the years. And it always seems to fix itself through hard work, and grit. I expect the same this year.

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1 Comment

Reply paul
07:10 AM on November 07, 2012 
Rondo is saving himself on the defensive end for the offensive end, but he's not accomplishing enough on either end. Not enough for how much we need him now, now that he's 'the man'. Rondo himself has pointed out that defense leads to offfense. Sometimes saving energy on the defensive end is penny smart, pound foolish.




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