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Celtics by the Numbers: Last years bench scoring compared to this years

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 7, 2012 at 6:30 AM

One of the hot topics so far this season has been the bench production. The expectations are extremely high for this years bench that's supposed to aid the Big Three in the quest for banner 18. Last years bench had a bunch of misfits that overachieved. We fell in love with guys like Dooling, and Pietrus. The Celtics lost two of their best bench players to the starting lineup. Bradley jumped in, and started 28 of his 64 games. Bass started 39 of his 59 games played. They fell in the starting lineup because JO was a rusty old tin can, and Allen was dealing with ankle issues.

I personally think the Celtics bench will come through very soon. So how does last years bench compare to this years bench through three games.

Although Terry, and Green have been up and down this season. They both score 8 points apiece. Pietrus was the high scorer last season with 6.9 a game. Wilcox was second with 5.4 points, but Wilcox only played 28 games last season. Dooling was third with 4 points a game. So right there Terry, and Green out score the Celtics top three bench scorers, or tie. So what about a whole? This years bench scores around 28 points, and last years team was around 26 points a game.

"If we can't win with [Garnett, Pierce and Rondo] off the floor, we just won't win, and I told our bench that," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. "We're going to play the minutes that I'm giving them, and the bench are going to play the minutes that they should get, and they've got to do something or we won't win. It'll be that simple."

I really hope this storyline dies. I want to talk about how good, and deep the Celtics are. I hate putting down Terry, and Green who should be killing it right now. Hopefully the three days off have been good for this team, and hopefully some home cooking should help.

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1 Comment

Reply paul
07:12 AM on November 07, 2012 
A lot of it comes down to many new players finding their roles. The bench particularly suffers from this.




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