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Is Bass the weak link?

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 6, 2012 at 6:30 AM

When I think of Bass. I feel a few different things. First of all I love his scoring, and his ability to score in, and outside. His inside scoring comes from many Rondo, and Garnett dishes. And he receives plenty of pick-and-pop passes from Rondo. Bass honestly plays very well with the starting unit. The Celtics identity is defense, and their weakness is rebounding. So Bass falls into both categories for various reasons.

Bass is an average rebounder, and honestly he grabs almost more rebounds on the offensive end. But he fails to translate that on the defensive side of the ball. Bass averages 4.3 rebounds on the defensive end, and Pierce grabs 5.7 on the defensive side of the ball. The Celtics desperately need rebounding. Bass has shown that he can't do it night in ,and night out. Bass can't protect the paint very well with 0.6 blocks per game. Shot blocking is not his game. And the Celtics need it. Especially when KG sits. I think Doc has the right idea when it comes to Bass. I think he's best served on the bench.

"That was one of the other reasons we wanted Jared in the lineup, because Brandon's another scorer in a lot of ways, and now you have too many in your starting lineup," Rivers said after Saturday's win. "And we felt Brandon can now come in and score with the second unit. He got a ton of wide-open shots tonight, he just didn't make them. But I think that helped him too, knowing that when you come in with that group, you're going to get shots."

"I think for me to grow here, I've got to be more active," Bass said after Monday's practice. "Like I said, we've got a lot of options. Doc said it's Rondo, Paul, and Kevin, and Jeff [Green] they're going to go through, so I have to be more active in everything, on both ends of the ball."

Bass was asked about what he can do when he's not playing along side KG on the defensive end.

"I want to be the cornerstone of that, absolutely," Bass said, before adding that in order to do that, he'll have to remain active on the defensive end and initiate communication among his teammates.

For our sake, and for the Celtics sake. I truly hope Bass can turn the corner on the defensive end. Doc has praised Bass at times for stepping in defensively. But if he can't do it. Doc needs to rethink his lineups. The Celtics have three seven footers that are rarely used so far. Two had preseason injuries that their trying to shake off. Collins is an alleged defensive specialist. The Celtics have issues to take care of. Bass has  good qualities. But do they fit the Celtics needs?

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Reply paul
07:18 AM on November 06, 2012 
The big three, especially Rondo, have to play with more energy and commitment. If they do that, I think everyone else will respond.
Reply Franklin
10:13 AM on November 06, 2012 
paul says...
The big three, especially Rondo, have to play with more energy and commitment. If they do that, I think everyone else will respond.

I think your right, but hasn't the big three played pretty solid?
Reply paul
04:04 PM on November 06, 2012 
Franklin says...
I think your right, but hasn't the big three played pretty solid?

They haven't been terrible
Reply paul
04:13 PM on November 06, 2012 
Basically, I think the issue is leadership. Four guys - Doc, Rondo, KG and PP - all have a part in the leadership of this team, and they can't really decide who is the leader of the leaders. I think it should be Rondo, but Rondo's performance and words so far suggest that he's not ready. I think he is ready, and he'd better be, because we need him to be.




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