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Celtics Morning Joe: Does KG need to move back to Power Forward?

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 5, 2012 at 6:00 AM

The Celtics chemistry has been under a microscope since the preseason. Doc's been like Dr. Frankenstein trying to create the perfect monster. Doc has yet to find what he wants. I know what I want, and  I don't know if I'll ever get it.  First of all the Celtics clearly haven't solved their rebounding issues. They rank 27th in the league out of 30 teams. Their out rebounded by five a game. What will it take to rebound the basketball? Is it personnel? Is it Doc's choice? His defensive schemes.

Bass, and KG average 7 rebounds apiece. That's not horrible, but KG only plays 28-30 minutes a night, and obviously the Celtics struggle when KG hits the bench. The ream has nobody to turn to right now when KG hits the bench. His rebounding total without question would be 10-12 if he played some old school KG minutes, but he'll never be that again. So the show must go on.

A lot of hope hangs on  Sullingers shoulders. He has a knack for rebounding, and hopefully in time he can continue to improve this season. The Celtics need to find a lineup that works when KG hits the bench. That lineup must use Rondo to his full ability. The Celtics have the deepest team, and maybe in time the Celtics will resolve their issues when KG is resting. They're missing a guy of his defensive intensity. A guy that can block a few shots. Bass is not that guy, Sullinger can be in time, and on occasion.

The real question could be this. Should Doc use the three centers more, and  should KG move back to power forward? Darko showed some signs, but early injuries have set back his progress. Wilcox much of the same, and Collins is a good filler guy. Let's look at some rebounding numbers from the Wizards game.These are the totals for each teams bigs.

Bass/KG/Sully/Wilcox- 19 total rebounds (Wilcox had zero)

Martin/Seraphin/Okafor/Booker- 25 total rebounds

The Celtics were out rebounded by 6 by the Wizards big men. Overall it was 46-35. So the small guys also joined in on the fun. Rondo is the best rebounding point guard in the league. Right now he ranks 5th among NBA point guards.

I don't usually write about trade ideas, or about dealing guys that often. But Josh Smith really intrigues me. He's got an expiring deal, and his buddy Rondo plays for the Celtics. Currently Magic Johnson is pushing the Lakers to trade Gasol for Smith.


Atlanta's Josh Smith has an expiring contract and an apparent fan in Magic Johnson, who playfully suggested during a Fantasy GM segment on Friday night's "NBA Countdown" show that he'd love to see the Lakers trade for Smith -- even if it meant surrendering Pau Gasol -- because L.A. so badly needs athletes. Dwight Howard would surely learn to live with such a swap, too, given how close he and Smith are off the court, but there's precisely zero evidence in circulation to suggest it's anything other than a fun discussion for TV/entertainment purposes.

How can the Celtics get Smith? Sadly Green would have to go, and of course it's an upgrade if a trade would actually happen. The Celtics look a lot like last years team despite being the best team on paper.

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Reply paul
06:13 AM on November 05, 2012 
I think we should make a move for Smith, as long as we don't have to give up any of the big three. The sooner the better. I'd give up nearly any combination of players and draft choices. Of course, I'd prefer to hold onto Bradley and Sully too. I think a starting unit of KG, Smith, Pierce, someone and Rondo would be devastating. The rest can be figured out later.

And at this point, I'm truly annoyed with Doc and Rondo. We've had a revamp of personnel to suit an uptempo, defense-oriented approach. Instead we seem to have the same old same old, an approach to offense that wasn't working when we had the best shooter in history on our team, and a defense that relies more and more on KG as he gets older. It's so blazingly stupid. I'm sorry, but for God's sake, wasnt' Rivers the best offensive coahc in the league and wasn't Rondo a genius? I'm sorry, but THIS crap is the result of all that brainpower? This team has no clue that one can see. Not even an idea, except run the same old offense that wasn't working, or no real offense at all.

wtf? This is what we were waiting for all summer?!! This is what i got so excited over?

Even the most obvious, the most blazinglyobvious move, Rondo attakcing and kicking, isn't happening. EVEN FAST BREAKING ISN'T HAPPENING. How stupid is the situation we are in? How blazingly stupid is this? Jeez, at least the Heat knew what they needed and went out and got it. We went out and got a bunch of guys so we could play more aggressively and more up tempo, and then we said to them 'hey, time to play slow-ball".


We need to play more aggressive ball on both ends. My god, why does anyone even have to say this? And it has to start with Rondo playing aggressive man-to-man defense on his opposite number. And if those two things don't happen, forget it. We'll just end up riding the Big Three to death again,and does anyone really think that is going to (almost) work again?

And yeah, I think Sully has to start so KG can move to PF. KG just doesn't have a taste for the paint - well, and who can blame him at his age? We are going to have to throw Sully in there and let him work it out the hard way.

But if Rondo doesn't play more sustained man-to-man D, forget it.

I do love, though, the fact that he has delivered the one main thing that was demanded of him; improved consistency. So I think he's trying to fullfill expectations and will raise his defensive intensity.
Reply Greg
10:21 AM on November 05, 2012 
Doc would play Smith and Rondo 40 a night anway. We need someone like Smith to hold the fort when KG hits the bench. Trade Green for Smith?
Reply paul
11:25 AM on November 05, 2012 
Greg says...
Doc would play Smith and Rondo 40 a night anway. We need someone like Smith to hold the fort when KG hits the bench. Trade Green for Smith?

I would trade almost anything for Smith. I mean, the Big Three should be untouchable, and Sully and AB should be nearly untouchable. We'd have to give up a couple of good players and picks. Ideally we'd give them Bass, Green and picks. They might want more though.




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