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The Celtics will fix their defensive issues

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 1, 2012 at 7:00 AM

The Celtics have given up 120 before. It happens, and what about Miami's defense? They gave up 107 points, and they allowed the Celtics to shoot 50% from the field. It was an offensive game, and sometimes the defense doesn't come for either team.Terry understands it was all about defense.

"Oh, it was a bad performance for me," said Terry. "Just defensively, not being able to be assertive and getting my hands on a lot more balls. So, I'm always looking to make an impact on both ends of the floor, but defensively tonight, I didn't have my best game."

What really alarmed about the defense was the lack of turnovers forced by the Celtics. Rondo was gambling, and he missed on a lot of those gambles. But overall the Celtics couldn't stop the driving forces of Wade, and James. Lee was very good on Wade in the first quarter, and when Bradley returns watch out Wade. I believe in the Celtics defense, and I believe they understand the importance of playing good old fashioned hard noised defense.

With KG, and Rondo the defense can't fail Celtic fans. The signs were there, but it just didn't show up.

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Reply paul
07:38 AM on November 01, 2012 
What I find disturbing is that I think the identity of this team changed midway through last year. I think it became an 'energy' team. But the core guys have never accepted this fully. And worse, Doc hasn't. We have to play defense with intense energy, coming at the opponent in waves. We are deep enough to do this. But what we saw against Miami was the same old substitution pattern, only slightly more fluid.

We are not physically dominant. We rely on knowledge of the game, cohesiveness and energy. Energy is the key. The sit back take it slow too cool for school game we've gotten used to has to stop. We need to take a different approach.
Reply Franklin
10:20 AM on November 01, 2012 
I agree,both teams played shitty defense. The Heat just got some more bounces,and they were home,and hot from the floor. The Heat have defensvie issues as well.
Reply paul
10:49 AM on November 01, 2012 
Franklin says...
I agree,both teams played shitty defense. The Heat just got some more bounces,and they were home,and hot from the floor. The Heat have defensvie issues as well.

If the refs start calling some of their rough stuff, the Heat will REALLY have some defensive issues.




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