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Celtics Morning Joe: Green not satisfied

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 1, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Green was asked how he felt about his performance against Miami, and he said this. "Play with more heart, plain and simple." It was a big game, and  it was Green's biggest game since game five against the Heat in 2011. He had to be full of emotions.

"I had to deal with a lot of things," Green said. "Adrenaline just kicked in, I got tired quickly. But that's not an excuse. I have to do a way better job."

It's all been said here, and other sites. But we shouldn't give up on Green. I think this game could fuel Green for further games, and for the rematch against the Heat. Everything comes to those that wait. If they wait patiently. I'm willing to wait, but I think we won't have to wait long at all. Of course, I may be wrong on this,and maybe I'm completely out of tune. But I believe in Green. He showed me things in the preseason that made me believe.

"I didn't like the way I played at all," admitted Green. "It all starts on the defensive end. I didn't feel like I was as aggressive on the defensive end as I should have been. But it'll change."

I think it's a tough assignment drawing James in your first game. Green knows it's his defense that will get him going, and the the team going. When the shade of the night falls/ Every man takes  shape of his own destiny. All figures are cast to zero for this challenge. Some lose faith some fall with little effort. But I have faith  that Green will  endure through this trying time.

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Reply paul
06:39 AM on November 01, 2012 
It's not just Green that wasn't aggressive enough on the defensive end. The defense in general was reactive. It starts with Rondo. How many times do we see Rondo standing out at the arc, waiting for his man, and then sort of semi-crouching and waiting for him to make a move? Too much. Usually the guy blows by Rondo. So much for taking them out of their game. Now he's into the paint area, breaking down our defense, and hurting our ability to rebound as we rotate. Rondo is a great defender, especially as a gambler/free safety. Those who claim that he is a terrible defender have some hate agenda, it seems to me. But he needs to raise his defensive game when it comes to controlling his opposite number. Scal says this too, so it's not just me, for what it's worth, saying that. This is important not only so that Rondo's man doesn't go off (does Chalmers REALLY need to have 11 assists?), but also because by attacking the other team's point guard, you attack their offense at the root, and that in turn makes it a lot easier for the Bigs to play effectively on D. Think about it, Rondo. By playing more effectively against the other team's pg on D, you can make Sully a much better defender.

It's not just a matter of investing more energy on the defensive end. It's also a matter of not being so passive, so reactive. When you always stand there and wait for the other guy to make his move, you are basically just giving him the jump. Of course, there is something inherently passive about playing defense. A lot of good defensive play revolves around finding ways to try to turn that around a little. Defenses have to find ways to try to take the initiative. Accepting passivity, though, destroys a defense.
Reply Franklin
10:16 AM on November 01, 2012 
I believe in Green as well. And to Paul. Why did Chalmers have 11 assists,and plus his baskets came in the 4th when the Celtics needed stops. I'm pretty sure Rondo was covering Allen, and Wade. So he didn't allow chalmers to go off.
Reply paul
10:55 AM on November 01, 2012 
Franklin says...
I believe in Green as well. And to Paul. Why did Chalmers have 11 assists,and plus his baskets came in the 4th when the Celtics needed stops. I'm pretty sure Rondo was covering Allen, and Wade. So he didn't allow chalmers to go off.

I hear that, Franklin. You may have been right. But I think my point is right. We need Rondo to be more aggressive on D, not just gambling and rambling, but also against his primary responsibility, his opposite number.

But it's a team thing too. For example, when Wade tried to post Rondo, and Rondo knocked the ball away so it went off into the corner, as I recall, and Wade recovered it, where was the trap on Wade in the corner?

The way I recall it, though, Rondo was covering both Chalmers and Wade down the stretch.




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