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Pierce the model of endurance

Posted by shawn cassidy on October 29, 2012 at 12:45 AM

All alone in the gym tonight. Too early for a game. But the smells illuminate, and  the silence could drive anyone into a state of mediation. The shouts that are imagined, the squeak of shoes on the floor sound like classical music from the 1600's. In an empty gym panic is far from his mind. Adrenaline is still  running through his  veins, his heart beating fast. The journey is harder than we know. We get an idea, but the struggles inside, and out are far from reality for us. We have our own struggles, and we can relate a bit.

Time is of the essence in basketball. The ball is in "The Truths" hands.  It's just part of the plan. Down to the last second, and the  clock is running out. Nothing more exciting then frenzy in the air. We all sit back in our chairs wondering what will happen next. The crowd is on their toes looking at one person. One man in their sights. Finally the last second it comes down to this. 

Well the last second comes down to now. Pierce is heading into one of his last NBA seasons. This could be Paul's final run at a championship. Yes, Rondo may continue to lead this team down the right path once Pierce walks away.

Since  the early days of basketball, stories have been reflecting people’s enchantment. With the world, peoples  desire to discover its secrets, and  everything seems to hold a mystery.  Among the carved images in my mind, is a determined Paul Pierce in-game seven. The ball went up, but time slowed down like time was paused by a greater being. Paul out hustled the golden boy of the NBA. Pierce snagged the ball, and he let out. 

It seemed as if he was  crying from within. Down came the rain that was waiting to hit the earth. The crops needed rain to live up to their potential. Paul was living up to his potential finally,  his destiny was being fulfilled. He suffered with us through the losing seasons, and he endured with the most storied franchise in the NBA, and in all  of pro sports. The Celtics seemed cursed after losing Len Bias, and Reggie Lewis. The Celtics lost all momentum from the 80's, and the franchise had a two decade drought. 

Paul became the face of the team after the Celtics went through 8 seasons of missing the playoffs. During that time Paul was underrated behind guys like T-Mac, and Vince Carter, and I ask where are they now? Pierce has been the underdog, and he's been a hard working guy that has been over looked in the NBA's great history. No he's never been regular season MVP material. But he's been NBA Finals MVP material. Paul will be whatever you want him to be in your mind.

Pierce has been on All-NBA teams, and he's been a NBA All-Star for the past decade. But now he needs to be the best role player. Paul will have the chance to show how smart he is. His basketball I.Q has always been underrated like his physical gift for the game.But his acceptance of the second man role will help write another chapter in Paul's book.

It's hard to place Paul in Celtics history. Is he better than Bird? Of course not, in some ways yes. Is he better than Hondo? Maybe, but the rings, and other awards suggest no. But in all honesty Paul could hold his own against the best in Celtics history. Paul has some time to write more chapters in his history book with the Celtics.

One word sticks with me when I think of Paul. It's endurance, he endured through everything here. He's even endured during crazy rumors, and during bad trades. He'll retire here, and he's become the definition of a Celtic. Paul had to deal with bad teams, and Bird, and Hondo did not. I give him so much credit in a time of indecent players. Paul  refrained from asking for trades. The book of Pierce is unfinished, and the final chapters are here, and the ending is soon.

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Reply celts9
04:10 AM on October 29, 2012 
Reply paul
12:21 PM on October 29, 2012 
great piece
Reply Celticslifer
01:18 PM on October 29, 2012 
Good one Shawn




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