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Green has arrived

Posted by shawn cassidy on October 21, 2012 at 11:50 PM

Theirs moments in life where time slows down, and reality becomes visible. The reality of Jeff Green's potential is visible. The ability to know the inevitable is a puzzle of the mind. Many felt the inevitable for Jeff Green was disappointment, and failure.

Those moments in life where time slows down are the ones where you wish it would speed up to find out the outcome. I wish I was able to see into the future, but I think Jeff Greens future is in the present. Jeff Green's mindset seems different. His outlook seems like a new beginning.

It's the words left unsaid sometimes that have the most impact. Green is a nice guy, and a man of few words, as it seems watching him on the court, and in press conferences.You can get your point across, just by a look, a gesture, or a stare. Green is showing us that being nice doesn't mean you can't play. He can still be competitive.

 But it's the words left unsaid sometimes  that have the most impact, that can put your life back, on an even keel. Green has his life back, and his lively hood back. Some other blogs out there hate on Green, and I won't name them. But a lot of their dislike came from Danny's trade of Perk. Some fans hated on Green instead of hating on Ainge as they should have. Ainge seems to be back on track, and he's built this team around Rondo, and Green is one a big building block.

I think Green will be considered for the Most Improved Player award. I think Green has become less timid. He was behind mega stars Kevin Durant, and Russel Westbrook in OKC, and now he's playing under a team with star power, but executed in a team format. That's the best fit for Green. Because he's not a mega star, but he's a borderline All-Star who thrives off of team concepts.

The final message is this. Green are falling for Green. I think everyone has been hard on Green at some point. People lashed out on him after the Miami series in 2011. But looking back at the 2012 series against the Heat. It's safe to say that Green was the missing piece. Green could be the missing part. This year he can redeem  so much. Bottom line is that it's great to sing praises for a guy who deserves it. He's a good human being, and he seems like a class act. He embodies what  being a Celtic is all about.

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Reply jlil89
10:02 PM on October 21, 2012 
Jeff is my new favorite player right now. He can do so much. Watching him play is so exciting. He had more highlight plays tonight VS the sixers. Awesome dunks and incredible blocks.
Reply Franklin
11:23 PM on October 21, 2012 
jlil89 says...
Jeff is my new favorite player right now. He can do so much. Watching him play is so exciting. He had more highlight plays tonight VS the sixers. Awesome dunks and incredible blocks.

He's a legit player, and he's so fearless right now. That fearless attitude makes him unstoppable as a 6th man.
Reply paul
07:37 AM on October 22, 2012 
He is going to be a key guy




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