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Green steps up after his first game in over a year

Posted by shawn cassidy on October 5, 2012 at 10:10 PM

Jeff Green played as if he didn't leave the game last year with his heart  aliment. He looked fantastic, getting whatever he wanted on the floor. He seemed so different, he wasn't the timid nice guy we've been accustom to. Jeff Green put on a show for us in the 4th quarter shooting 5-of-8 from the field for 11 points. He was taking over, and we needed to see that, and he needs to be that aggressor every game.

"Yeah, [Green] was very comfortable. He played with great speed," Celtics head coach Doc Rivers told reporters after the game. "You could see he played well at the 3 and the 4, which was great. The last time we had him, he struggled when we switched him back and forth. Obviously we're starting to figure out his game as well, so that helped."

Having Green in camp makes the difference so far. He's also had a year off to study the Celtics playbook. The playbook has changed a bit, but the schemes are relatively the same. It seems as if Green will be the 6th man more so than Terry this season, by just watching this first game.

"I think we're making too big of a deal about this whole being assertive and all this stuff with Jeff. I really do," said Rivers. "I just think that he needs to get comfortable. When he came to us the first time, he never had a chance to get comfortable, and now he is. He plays the way he plays. He's a smooth player, and I thought tonight he was really comfortable, and you could see that, and I think that's from going through training camp. Jeff's going to be what you saw tonight. That's pretty good."

Just like I said, training camp is the key.  I agree with Doc, this will be the Jeff Green will see this season. If he is like this, that contact is  well worth it.

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Reply jlil89
02:10 AM on October 06, 2012 
Jeff Green 6th man of the year!
Reply Celts9
02:22 AM on October 06, 2012 
jlil89 says...
Jeff Green 6th man of the year!

He can be that kind of player.
Reply Franklin
11:07 AM on October 06, 2012 
If he plays like that, the Celtics may end up with the triple crown of awards. KG defensive player,and Rondo MVP, and Green 6th man




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