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Celtics Morning Joe: Rigged?

Posted by shawn cassidy on September 8, 2012 at 6:00 AM

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The NBA rigged? Some believe it is, and some of those people don't even watch the NBA. I love the argument about the NBA being rigged, because some fans truly believe it's not, and some truly believe it is. I happen to sit in the middle. I believe the refs don't call the games fairly. Stars get the calls, and that changes games,and playoff series. This video shows you a lot of wrongs with the game.

Pleas share your thoughts!

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Reply paul
08:09 AM on September 08, 2012 
Basically, pro sports are akin to reality television, or like politics. It's all semi-scripted. And let's face it - over the years and decades, the Cs have gotten plenty of love from the referees and via other forms of scripting.

Rigging and scripting is a subtle art at times. My favorite thing about the Heat this last year was the way Lebron and Wade were allowed to get away with hacking and mugging people while 'blocking' shots. That really was a subtle form of rigging. Both players are spectacular shot blockers, so it has credibility to begin with, and besides, fans love to see shot blocking, so they want to believe that they are seeing what the refs tell them they are seeing. Most fans have no investment in truth. They want bread and circuses.

Furthermore, about the Heat and shot blocking, it was the one little part of their game that was the linchpin to their success last season. As we all know, the lack of a pivot presence was their main weakness. Without the shotblocking by Lebron and Wade, the Heat defense would have been too weak. Their speed and athleticism still would not have been enough. Shotblocking was the key to their championship.

That is often essential to the art of rigging. Find the one key area that can make all the difference. If anyone points out how significant that area is, they'll sound like nit-pickers. But does anyone REALLY believe that allowing Lebron and Wade to hack people and even wipe them out on a regular basis when 'blocking' them didn't have a HUGE impact? Just take Rondo. In one key play, as we all remember, Wade didn't even block Rondo's shot but he still got away with raking Rondo's face, and it was perfectly obvious. You can't say the action happened too fast for the official to see it. Wade had to reach all the way across Rondo's body to his front in order to rake Rondo's face, and the officials couldn't see that? Hell, why have officials at all then?

In several key plays, Lebron flat out crushed Rondo's body while 'blocking' Rondo's shot. That would certainly be a great basketball play if basketball were a contact sport like football. In football, you can knock a pass away from a receiver, IF you are going for the ball and can get your hand on it. Not in basketball. Except for Lebron.

In another play, Lebron 'blocked' Rondo's shot, even though it was a finger-roll, which means that as soon as it left Rondo's hand, its trajectory was down into the basket. You can't block that shot without goaltending it. That's the whole beauty of the finger-roll. Once it leaves the finger, it rolls slowly into the basket and all the defense can legally do is watch it. Except that Lebron has special rules that allow him to block anything, it seems.

So that was subtle, yet not so subtle. Everyone could see that the Heat had special rules about shot-blocking. But no one in the media was willing to call it out for the blazingly obvious preferential treatment it really was.

But let's not be naive, Celtics fans. My favorite is Kevin Mchale. We all know that Kevin may have been the most skilled low post scorer the game has ever seen. He didn't have a single unstoppable shot, like Kareem, but he had a whole litany of nearly unstoppable moves. But don't you think the dragged his pivot foot occasionally, as in, ON NEARLY EVERY PLAY?! With those big feet Mchale had, he could pretty much crawl from one side of the lane to the other by rocking and dragging his pivot foot.

Paul Pierce often travels when he catches and shoots, doesn't he? Rondo carries the ball constantly. Garnett mugs people on screens.

Pro sports. One step away from Rasslin. It used to be that the rasslers never admitted that it was all fake. Now they routinely do. Eventually something similar will happen in pro sports, but it's not like anyone will care.
Reply Franklin
10:33 AM on September 08, 2012 
Their is something wrong somewhere. I tend to agree with Paul on this,more than some others opinions. Teams can still win when the league tries to rig the games, because the players can make the shots. But it doesn't stop the league from trying.
Reply Casey
11:35 AM on September 08, 2012 
The game has a lot of holes. The star calling has been around way to long. Everything in life is built around dumb politics, and for those to say the NBA doesn't work that way are in a make believe land. It may not be as extreme as some think, but their is some kind of rigging to the game. That's why a NBA ref went to prison for gambling and fixing games. Others did it, and still are.
Reply paul
11:54 AM on September 08, 2012 
To me the refs that get in trouble for fixing games aren't really getting in trouble for fixing games. As I see it, they are getting in trouble for doing on their own...
Reply Celticslifer
12:46 PM on September 08, 2012 
paul says...
To me the refs that get in trouble for fixing games aren't really getting in trouble for fixing games. As I see it, they are getting in trouble for doing on their own...

That's true.




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