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Rondo over/under on MVP Balloting

Posted by shawn cassidy on September 4, 2012 at 11:05 AM

ESPN Over/Under: Rajon Rondo

MVP balloting points: 350

* Forsberg: Under. First off, hop HERE to see the MVP balloting from last season as a reference. Essentially, 350 points last year put Kobe Bryant at fourth in the overall balloting. So can Rondo make the leap into a top 5-caliber player this season (this after earning 12 points and an eighth-place finish last season). It'll be close, but the guess here is that Rondo will be slightly under while making a considerable leap to being considered one of the league's elite. The LeBron James and Kevin Durants of the world will take the top spots, but Rondo will be in the mix in the next few spots and could end up on either side of our number.

* Payne: Over. This will be the first season Rondo gets some serious love in the MVP debate. The Celtics are going to be a very good team, with an elite defense and an improved (not necessarily drastically) offense, and Rondo will be at the heart of both. As the C's hang tough in the Eastern Conference and flirt with the second or third seed all season, people will take notice that Rondo's having a career year and he'll get some legit MVP consideration as a result.

Winning MVP would be great for Rondo. But the real goal is a championship. I'm not shocked Forsberg is under on Rondo. I've agreed with Payne with some stuff. But the idea that the Celtics can't grab the number one spot in the East this year may be under sold. I'm not saying they will get the top seed in the East. But to say they can only finish 2nd or third could be under selling the guys. I believe the Celtics need the number one seed for Rondo's MVP chance.

It seems  that every writer thinks the Heat grab the top seed, but if the Celtics do it. The writers may vote for Rondo for MVP. Sometimes sending a message is better. Rondo may not win MVP, but sending a message to others could be even better. For Rondo to be even mentioned with James, and Durant  would be worth it.

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Reply paul
01:01 PM on September 04, 2012 
The Celtics will win the top seed. It won't even be close. This is a team about to unleash hell on the opposition.,
Reply Birdman33
06:11 PM on September 04, 2012 
I agree , how come the Celtics can't get the top spot? They can,and will.
Reply Celticslifer
06:36 PM on September 04, 2012 
The C's will be the top seed for the whole thing. Tell me why they can't?
Reply Franklin
08:20 PM on September 04, 2012 
The Celtics will battle for the top spot. Not surprised that many don't think they will though. The Celtics haven't had the top seed for five years, and they have said for years that it's not important.
Reply paul
09:45 PM on September 04, 2012 
But Franklin, I think they realize now that it is important. This team has a different attitude. It's a freaking electric charge even the fans can feel.
Reply C'slife
01:15 AM on September 05, 2012 
He will finals MVP, that's all he needs.




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