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Heat vs Celtics season preview: (2 of 4) The Bigs

Posted by shawn cassidy on August 9, 2012 at 7:00 AM

The sexy matchup has been Bosh vs KG. KG at his age seems to take care of Bosh for the most part. When Bosh returned in the Eastern Conference Finals, it seemed to swing the series in the final two games. Bosh was hitting big time three's in-game seven, and it was a fatal blow for the Celtics. Garnett has been in Bosh's head for years. KG was big in the entire playoff run last season, and he was a major key for the Celtics in the ECF's. It should be no different this season. 

The next matchup would be Bass for Haslem. I would say that Bass is a better player, but slightly. Both players are very similar. Both  are undersized power forwards who can shoot jumpers,and score inside a bit. Bass without a doubt is the better scorer overall. His jumper can be a thing of beauty. 

So where do we go now? The Heat have Joel Anthony, and Dexter Pitman. Both role players can't even come close to Wilcox. Do you guys agree? Chris can score the ball, and he can play solid defense. Anthony shows signs of  life from time to time. But this matchup is a clear advantage for the Celtics.

The Celtics also have the two young studs coming in. Sullinger, and Melo will add a different look for the Celtics. It could be a game changer for the Celtics.The Celtics could use two athletic bigs to their advantage.

If you recall the East Finals. The Heat moved away from their centers, and they played small. But the Celtics are able to counter with Green, and Jason Terry,and others. Green can move to the four easily, and KG can remain at center. The Celtics have more options to counter whatever the Heat can through.

The Celtics have youth in  every position they need. It could be a good counter against a team full of older players. Ray Allen 37, Lewis 33, Miller 32, Battier 33, and Haslem 32. The Celtics have three core players who are up their in age. KG 36, Terry 35, and Pierce 34.

But the Celtics on paper have the clear advantage up front. Do you guys agree?

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Reply paul
09:08 AM on August 09, 2012 
I think that part of what went wrong last year, when we didn't play well in the playoffs, was that KG didn't pound the ball into the paint. KG has a huge advantage in the NBA now over almost any center, because he is virtually the only center in the game today with a vestige of traditional center skills. The problem is that KG doesn't like the post game. He just doesn't like it. We've seen again and again that when he pounds the post, the Cs win. But he just doesn't consistently do it.

That's why it's so fantastic that we have Sullinger. Sullinger LOVES to pound the post. What he needs is excellent coaching. And he needs the desire to find multiple ways to deliver the ball in the post. He can't overpower like Shaq used to do. He has to be more like Cowens, using a mixed approach, utilizing power AND agility, pounding his opponent one moment, only to spin around him the next, and always looking for the pass. He needs to be more Cowens than Shaq, but with more moves than Cowens. That is, if he acquired the same number of moves that Cowens had, it would be an upgrade for him, but he would need to keep adding to his bag of moves, like Mchale did.

I know it gets tiresome to hear about Cowens, but Cowens is a true forgotten great. He was simply the greatest energy player of all time, and like the greatest of Celtics players, he touched every aspect of his team's game, his play was both cerebral and emotional, and he had that extra dimension: vision. There's a lot of Cowens in Sully. Above all, that determination to own the post, no matter his size, is pure Cowens.

KG is the best leader of a Gang of Bigs that you can imagine, and our Gang of Bigs will dominate the paint this season. Wilcox will play inspired basketball. Sully will push Bass. Collins as the fifth big? That's freaking deep. BUT KG IS NOT ADEQUATE TO COACH SULLINGER. I love KG. I now see him as higher than Pierce on the Celtics all time great list. He has that quality that Russell, Cowens and Bird had before him. But we need someone who truly loves and understands the determination to OWN the post to coach Sullinger.

We could have made a far better post player out of Davis than we did with proper coaching. PLEASE LET'S NOT DROP THE BALL A SECOND TIME WITH SULLY, who has ten times Davis' talent. A great coach has to know his weakness. Doc and KG need to recognize that they need to bring a great Big in to coach Sullinger.
Reply Greg
11:03 AM on August 09, 2012 
Sullinger will have a lot of expectations this year. Hopefully we can get some crucial playing time from him. He's a X Factor in my eyes.
Reply paul
11:34 AM on August 09, 2012 
Greg says...
Sullinger will have a lot of expectations this year. Hopefully we can get some crucial playing time from him. He's a X Factor in my eyes.

His game has a lot of growing to do. A lot depends on how hungry he is to improve as a player, to take his game to a higher level.




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