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Celtics Morning Joe: Rebounding woes

Posted by shawn cassidy on August 9, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Rebounding woes

The Boston Celtics are the best defensive team in the league, but what's up with the Celtics rebounding?  What's the cure for the rebounding blues? I wish I had a clear answer, but for a team that finished last in 2012, and last almost every other year despite when they won banner 17. Garnett before coming to Boston was the best rebounder in the game, and his numbers dropped since joining Boston, but his minutes per game dropped by five plus minutes.

Is it the personnel of the Celtics. Bass isn't the best rebounding power forward. He's a bit undersized, but you can see his efforts. But how can the Celtics finish dead last when they have the best rebounding point guard in the game?  Pierce is also one of the best small forwards rebounding the ball.  So what's the problem? Well it comes down to the Celtics defensive scheme. At least on the offensive rebounding side of things. When the Celtics miss a shot, the defense sprints back instead of going for the rebound.

If it's  that obvious, why don't the Celtics change? Well, honestly why should they? I want the rebounding to improve, but it hasn't been the reason for the Celtics demise for the past two seasons. Maybe against the Lakers in 2010 in game seven. But the Lakers were to big, and of course Perk was out in-game seven.

I do think the Celtics need to improve from last place though. That number is way to low for a defensive juggernaut.

Dwayne Wade rehabs knee


"I feel good. Rehab is going very well," Wade told The Associated Press. "I'm happy with it. I'm more encouraged than I was, obviously, when I knew I had to get surgery. So I'm happy."

Wade is an injury prone player, and he's the kink in the Heat's armor. I said in my Heat vs Celtics post. Heat vs Celtics season preview: (1 of 4) The Shooting guards that the gang of guards will take out Wade. Bradley, and Lee will control Wade. Ray Allen was always destroyed by Wade, and now the Celtics added Lee to Bradley's brilliance on defense. It will be must see TV this season.

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Reply paul
09:21 AM on August 09, 2012 
I think you are wrong about rebounding, Shawn. Our poor rebounding is freaking killing us. I think that there are two reasons. The most obvious is the way we sprint back on defense. With the younger, more athletic team we have now, we do NOT need to do this as much, and we have to change our approach. We cannot simply forsake the offensive glass. Let's remember that an offensive rebound denies the other team possession. THAT'S DEFENSIVE! Basically we need a mixed approach, where we are very conscious of getting back on defense, but we also are conscious of going after the offensive glass. This is even more important because our offense will be less half-court motion oriented, and more attack oriented. An attacking offense gives rise to offensive boards as it forces the defense to collapse.

On the other end, attitude counts. The Cs did better on rebounding later in the year, partly because they just went after the defensive glass with more determination, and because Bradley's and Rondo's improved defensive play took some of the pressure off the Bigs, which allowed them to take care of rebounding more. That improvement from the guards should continue, but having Sullinger should help too. Finally we have a Big who loves to rebound. Thank god. Now let's get him some proper coaching.
Reply Joe Hurdel
09:22 AM on August 09, 2012 
I think your right,when they need to at least get out of the bottom. They need to limit offensive rebounding though. Its a damn killer.
Reply paul
10:21 AM on August 09, 2012 
Joe Hurdel says...
I think your right,when they need to at least get out of the bottom. They need to limit offensive rebounding though. Its a damn killer.

I expect this team to be a lot better. but I continue to think that we need to bring in a true center to do some coaching, at least informally. KG is an alltime great big man, but he's just never been an eager center.




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