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Celtics Morning Joe: Rondo's game will do the talking

Posted by shawn cassidy on August 2, 2012 at 6:00 AM

We haven't got an official responses from Rondo, about Ray's dislike of him. I think Rondo could care less. Rondo wanted to win, and Ray Allen got in the way of that. It wasn't personal, but Ray made it that way. He didn't want some young star stealing the reigns of the team. For so long, KG,and Pierce would proclaim the Celtics Rondo's team. It shows with them, and their actions on the court. 

I think Rondo will have his moment in the sun this season. The writing is on the wall. The talent is here. This team can really put together a magical run behind Rondo. Defense, and smarts on the offensive end, along with chemistry will lead Rondo down the right path. The date is set for the first clash, and Rondo along with the fans can't wait for the first strike in a long drawn out mission.

I think the biggest tool , more than  the players in 2013. Will be Doc. Doc seems like he's more invested in Rondo. That's a great thing, and it will be a story to look for during the 2013 season. In other Rondo news, Rondo will co-star in a video game.

ESPN: NBA star Baron Davis is out to prove the naysayers wrong after the debacle that was Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios, as Davis is teaming up with former EA Sports creative force Sean O’Brien to form 5 Balloons Interactive, a new mobile gaming company producing titles for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Reply Franklin
08:49 AM on August 02, 2012 
Rondo would let go of any personal goals to win,and that's the biggest draw about Rondo.
Reply paul
09:41 AM on August 02, 2012 
I love the way Rondo has been dealing with this controversy. No words. By not talking, he's making clear that he'll be doing his talking on the court.
Reply Morena
02:24 PM on August 02, 2012 
I love too how Rondo is handling the situation!! He showed last year during the trade talk that he is pretty good in handling hot situation!! I can't wait to see his talk on the court.
And as you said, Shawn, I love that Doc is investing so much in Rondo. I think that after head-butting for some years they finally understood each other and it looks almost like a father-son relationship right now. And I really love it!!
Reply Celticslifer
04:53 PM on August 02, 2012 
Rondo is acting like the professional here,by not saying anything. He's showing great leadership.
Reply paul
11:20 PM on August 02, 2012 
The way Doc is committing himself to Rondo as the team leader is pretty intense. And I don't blame him a bit. Why couldn't Ray see how special Rondo is?




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