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Celtics Morning Joe: KG one of the best rebounding bigs ever

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 30, 2012 at 6:00 AM

KG's Quest for the Record Books

Kevin won four rebounding titles in a row from 2003-2007 in Minnesota. His numbers fell off when joining the Celtics. You can tribute that to a minute reduction plan, and because he had  better rebounders around him. KG has averaged a little over 9 boards a game as a Celtic. KG's career average was over a eleven before joining the Celtics, but now he sits at 10.5 rebounds for his career. KG is number 12th all time for most rebounds in his career. 

KG averages about 600 plus rebounds overall for an entire season. If KG plays three more seasons, and he at least grabs 600 rebounds. KG will end up at number 5th all-time just ahead of Karl Malone. KG could end up 4th all-time. Elvin Hayes has 16,279 rebounds. Being 4th all-times isn't bad at all. Because Bill Russell's 21620 at second place is out of reach, and the same goes for Wilt with his massive total of 23924.

How about career games for KG? Kevin is number 20 right now ,with three years to go. KG won't play 82 games in any of the three seasons. He just won't because the Celtics rest at the end of seasons, and during the course of the season. Lets say KG plays at least 72 games per season. If KG plays at least 72 games per season. He will end up number 5th all time, and maybe number 4 all-time.

The next three seasons, KG will leave us with more memories, and more hope. Maybe will see KG doing more push-ups. At the end of the day, a lot of these stats don't mean a thing to KG, or maybe they do, but their is one thing that KG covets. That is a second ring.

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Reply paul
08:32 AM on July 30, 2012 
I sometimes think that KG could and should be a better rebounder. I think a lot of it is to do with Doc's stupid way of totally giving up the offensive boards. I don't mind the fact that we don't focus on getting offensive boards, but I don't understand giving up on them completely as we do, and then a lot of times we STILL don't get back on D. Here's one of those places where lack of youth has hurt us in the past, and where our game hurts Rondo - I think Rondo is someone whose game calls out for someone to hit the offensive glass, as Bass did at times last year, because of the way he draws defenders. OFtentimes, if Rondo attacks the basket, all he really has to do is throw the ball off the glass, if a Celtics Big is around, because he'll draw three defenders.

I hope this year's team rebounds more, especially on the offensive glass. I think KG could have been a better rebounder, but he always was a big of a small forward in a big man's body. You can't criticize him for it, though, because he has always thought in terms of the all-around game and the team as a whole. He just ideally needs to be paired with a Big Man with a nose for the glass, and he's never had that. Sullinger?
Reply Franklin
11:57 AM on July 30, 2012 
Great Paul, about offensive rebounds. Didn't we lose to most teams when we didn't offensive rebound? We won most games when we hit the offensive glass.
Reply paul
12:50 PM on July 30, 2012 
Franklin says...
Great Paul, about offensive rebounds. Didn't we lose to most teams when we didn't offensive rebound? We won most games when we hit the offensive glass.

I think it's a balance thing. I understand the idea of getting back on defense. But especially when you have penetrators like PP and Rondo, you really MUST pick your spots to attack the offensive glass...




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