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Origins of Rondo

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 15, 2012 at 11:25 PM

Phil Jackson called him the star of the game. What Rajon Rondo  did on June 17th, 2008, was over shadowed by the Celtics winning banner 17, and ending a 22 year drought. It also was a moment in which three Future Hall of Fame players won their ring. The 2008 season was all about the Big Three, and it should have been. All three players endured heartache in their careers, and all three players came within a few games of making a finals, but they never made it. We know the story from 2008, but the other story that goes unnoticed is the growth, and stardom of Rajon Rondo.

All of us know where we were when the Celtics beat the Lakers in-game six by 39 points. Some of us cried in joy at home, or maybe some of you enjoyed the game six win in the garden. I know many of you have watched game six over, and over again. I have for the past four years, and it still gives me emotions that I can't put into words. But when I watch it, I can see Rajon Rondo become an all-star in that game. Paul Pierce was Finals MVP, and KG was the MVP of the season. But Rajon Rondo was the dagger in the heart of the Lakers in-game six. His performance set the tone for the game, and it also set the tone for the Rajon Rondo we know today.

Rondo was working on a borderline quadruple double. Rondo had 21 points, 8 assists, 7 rebounds, and 6 steals in just 31 minutes. That performance was a sign of things to come. That performance also sent the Celtics over the top. Before the 2007-08 season even started, nobody could see Rondo leading the Celtics to a title as the starting point guard. He showed them all, that he could, and he did it with a rebel attitude, and an attitude of self confidence that won us all over. 

Jumping forward to today. Rondo has set the bar so high for himself. But you know if anyone can pull it off, it's Rajon Rondo. Rondo has the makings to become a MVP in the NBA. Thinking back to 2008 their is no way any of us saw that coming. Not even in 2009  when Rondo nearly averaged a triple-double in the playoffs. Some expect Rondo to put up a triple-double every night, but that's the price Rondo pays for his greatness. Many thought Jordan could put up 40, or 50 every night, but he didn't, but you knew Jordan could. I feel the same of Rondo. I know he can put up a triple-double any time, but he just plays the win. And if a triple-double isn't apart of the cards, Rondo isn't going to force it.

For a player like Rondo. Only championships will determine his fate among NBA greats. Rondo is on pace to become number two all-time in assists if he keeps this pace for his entire career. When it's all said, and done in terms of the Celtics history book. Rondo will break many records.

Rondo will always be a champion. His performance in-game six will always be one of those hidden gems. A cult classic type of performance.

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Reply paul
12:46 AM on July 16, 2012 
I was watching that Utah - Bulls game and yes, Jordan made me think of Rondo.
Reply Birdman33
01:13 AM on July 16, 2012 
Rondo will leave his mark on the NBA, and Celtics record books when it's all said and done.
Reply paul
07:40 AM on July 16, 2012 
Birdman33 says...
Rondo will leave his mark on the NBA, and Celtics record books when it's all said and done.

I think he already has. Teams seem pg crazy this off season.
Reply Franklin
08:35 AM on July 16, 2012 
His control in that game was incrediable. I can recall Magic Johnson leading the Lakers to a title in game six in his rookie year,when Kareem broke his foot. Rondo had some of the heroics.
Reply paul
10:38 AM on July 16, 2012 
It was a calling card...




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