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Why even talk about the "Memorial Day Massacre"

Posted by shawn cassidy on May 7, 2012 at 2:05 PM

I like Jackie's writing. Do I agree on everything that she writes? Of course not, and you folks won't agree on everything I write. Were all not the same, and all of us have different thoughts. I agree that the Celtics haven't won the Atlanta series, but their up 3-1, and the odds are in their favor.

Celtics haven't closed curtains yet

Boston's long and storied history has enabled the Celtics to experience both sides of a blowout. One game is simply that -- a separate entity that often has little or no bearing on the next outing.

If Doc Rivers wants to get cute, he should dig through the Celtics archives and dredge up the Memorial Day Massacre, that 148-114 whooping Boston laid on the hated Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1 of the 1985 NBA Finals. After watching the Celtics dismantle the Lakers on that day, it was difficult to fathom Magic Johnson and his boys ever winning another game. Current Celtics boss Danny Ainge torched L.A. for 15 points -- in the first quarter. Scott Wedman was a perfect 11-of-11 from the field, and the team shot 60 percent for the game.

You all remember what happened. The Lakers won the very next game 109-102 and went on to win the NBA championship in six games.

Paul Pierce was all of 7 years old when his beloved L.A. team pulled off that stunning turnaround.

"I was watching," he claimed. "Cheering for the Lakers."

Bringing up the Memorial Day Massacre is like apples, and oranges really. That was a NBA finals first of all, and the Celtics were up against one of the greatest teams of all time. Also that was the first game of the series, and the Celtics were home, and we all know how a series can change after one game. The Hawks one the first game of this series, and now the Celtics  hold a 3-1 series lead. I just think that game has no baring on last night's game. To me it was just feeling up a column. I wasn't impressed by that comparison, because you can't compare it. If it was game one last night, and that happened. Than maybe I would agree with her.

I just feel like it didn't give me much to go with. I also think that it was more of a shock that the Celtics beat the Lakers so bad in game of the 1985 Finals. Last night didn't we see that coming a little bit? Should we be shocked? The Hawks are banged up, and let's face it. Their not even on the same wave length as the C's. Again I agree the Celtics shouldn't take the Hawks for granted. But the Memorial Day Massacre just not a good comparison to me.


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Reply paul
03:33 PM on May 07, 2012 
I don't like her or her writing. I think she's a smug, pretentious shill, like all the rest.

These guys job is to keep the public interested. Bob Ryan did the same thing yesterday in a video talking to a Hawks writer, basically saying yesterday's game was a glich.

It's certainly possible that the Cs will lose tomorrow. But I don't think Rondo will let that happen. I think he's on a mission.
Reply paul
03:36 PM on May 07, 2012 
The difference between Ryan and Macmullen is one of tone. Ryan pretends to be the (60 year old) smart alecky kid. Macmullen affects a kind of motherliness. They both made me sick. I do like Macmullen's concern about concussions in football, but even there, what about the awful contract that forces marginal players (ie. most players) to throw health concern to the winds in the effort to hold desperately onto jobs (no guaranteed contracts)? That's the real cause of concussion problems.
Reply Celticslifer
05:42 PM on May 07, 2012 
Yeah Paul, thank goodness that their. Are more outlets to talk Celtics.like this place. Because they write some crap.
Reply paul
05:57 PM on May 07, 2012 
Celticslifer says...
Yeah Paul, thank goodness that their. Are more outlets to talk Celtics.like this place. Because they write some crap.

I feel the same way, Celtislifer. An island of sanity.
Reply paul
05:58 PM on May 07, 2012 
Got to say, though, that the ads are INCREDIBLY annoying and intrusive.

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