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Pierce still the offensive rock

Posted by shawn cassidy on October 20, 2012 at 11:25 AM

He's always there.  Whether you notice him or not.  Pierce is there like a  tick, and  a tock on a clock. It never seems that he varies. His performances are consistent. He's averaged around 20 a game during the Big three era, and Big Four era. Pierce has dragged the offense down at times even though has been consistent. Pierce has dragged it down by playing hero ball. But for the past few seasons when Rondo, and Pierce play together within the offense, It's proved that it's the best game plan. With Ray Allen out of the picture, and with everyone else playing team ball. It allows Rondo, and Pierce to play the two man game. It allows Pierce to be more of a focal point in Rondo's eye sight.

In the past two games Pierce has shown us a glimpse of what he can do in the team concept. Nothing was forced. It seemed to be very natural with Rondo.

Pierce has put together an outstanding preseason, averaging 16.4 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 1.3 assists over 23.2 minutes per game. Pierce is averaging 1.254 points per play, ranking in the 92nd percentile among all NBA players, according to Synergy Sports data in the preseason.

 Pierce is averaging 1.73 points per play in transition opportunities, the best in the league in the preseason. Not only with Ray Allen gone has Pierce become more of a focal point, but having young studs like Lee running along with Rondo. Pierce is able to run as well, and he's able to sneak through the cracks, and get the ball from Rondo. At a age 35 it's great seeing Pierce play like this, and hopefully this is another All-Star season for Pierce.Rondo is the mastermind of the offense, but Pierce is the rock that seems to be hard to break.


"He's a scorer," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said earlier this preseason. "Scoring is hard in our league. When you can get a consistent scorer in our league, you by DownloadNSave">start depending on that, so we depend on Paul, to even be better this year offensively."

 "He's our scoring rock for sure. That's who we go to, and that's who we will always go to. I don't know if he's been overlooked or not, but I think he's been here so long, he's like Groundhog Day, you just assume he's coming back year in and year out, and that's who he is. That's probably how he likes it. I don't think Paul cares one way or the other."


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Reply Franklin
11:31 AM on October 20, 2012 
Together the duo will challenge some of the best duos.




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