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The Darko experiment a success so far

Posted by shawn cassidy on October 9, 2012 at 11:15 AM

This seems like one of the biggest stories right now in Celtics nation. The posts keep coming on Darko's exciting play. So what's the latest on Docs feel on Darko?

Olimpia Milano coach can dream of Green-Globe

"The more Doc Rivers sees Darko Milicic, the more he appreciates the talents of the Serbian center.

Milicic had nine rebounds and four blocked shots in 19 minutes Sunday against Olimpia Milano. He also had three assists, and often kept the second unit in a flow."

“He’s been phenomenal, with his defense and passing,” said Rivers. “We were really using him as a point guard on the floor with that second unit, because we didn’t have a real point guard on the floor. He’s been wonderful.”

Let me get that right. Point guard? Ah, he obviously doesn't mean that literally. Darko has been shocking to some, but to be honest his point total isn't off the charts, but who cares. He can score when needed, but what we want. and need is rebounding, and defense. So far Darko has brought his defensive attitude.

Darko has us losing sleep. Because we want this every night, and if we get the 9 rebounds, and 4 blocks attitude. Then all of us are dumb founded. Boston may just be Darko's happy home. He's been picked apart his entire career. But for the first time. Darko is playing a role of role player. He doesn't need to live up to the second pick on this team.


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Reply Franklin
12:05 PM on October 09, 2012 
Very happy so far. Continue the great work Darko
Reply jlil89
02:23 PM on October 09, 2012 
His name is Celtic now
Reply GeeZeeCeltics
02:39 PM on October 09, 2012 
There's been years when we've had bad breaks. Health problems, experiments gone wrong (think Marbury). Maybe this is the one year the stars align to form a leprechaun?
Reply paul
03:18 PM on October 09, 2012 
the leprechaun galaxy




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