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The Celtics free agent search: The Wings Part 3 of 4

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 15, 2011 at 2:56 AM

I'm going to start off with a player I dislike. He's a Laker of course.This is part 3 of 4.

Shannon Brown-  Is he a real option? I doubt it but he's on the market so let's talk about it. He finally came into his own after a rough start in his first few years in the league. He's become one of the best off the Lakers bench. I wouldn't want him on my team,but he's got some talent. He's become more than just a high flyer. He's worked on his shooting,and he can give you some outside shooting now.He's 25,and he's not going to get any better. I'd pass on Brown,and I'm sure he's passing on the Celtics.

Shane Battier- The guy that most C's fans want. He's been on the list of many C's fans for years now. He's a tough gritty defender,and he can hit 3's at a high rate. Shane has been a steady player during his 10 year career. His numbers are not overwhelming,but his defense with the tree point shooting gives him a great element on the market. He will be 33 once the season starts,but he would fit right into the Celtics game plans. He would be good for a two-year deal. If the mid-level is around then he will be on the Celtics short lists.

Michael Redd- On the list of many fans right now. He will be 32 once the season starts. He's played in 61 games in the last three seasons. The biggest question isn't if he returns to all-star form. I think most of us our sold he's not that player anymore. I think biggest concern will be can he still add something to a team. Redd for a six year run scored at least 20 or more points per game. He was at one time the second coming of Ray Allen,but injuries detoured his path. Redd if he can get back to at least a knock down shooter. Then he will be a good tool for the Celtics. He would be on my back up plan list.

Marco Belinelli- Marco had a breakout season for the Hornets. By far his best season as a pro. Marco will be looking for a large contract. Will he get it? In the new NBA it's unlikely. The Celtics don't have the money to pay him top dollar. His defense is suspect,and the Celtics may use his shooting,but when it's all said,and done Marco will not be an option for the Celtics.

Roger Mason- Roger had a breakout season in 2009 with the Spurs,but he's down to earth now. His game seems to be all about three point shooting. His defense is average at best,and he's not getting any younger. I think he's on the last resort list of players that the Celtics have. He's not my favorite option,but he's an option.

Grant Hill- HIll could be over the Hill very soon. Hill will be 39 once the season starts,and he passed up on the Celtics a few years ago. He's known to have a good relationship with Doc,and he's missing a world title on his résumé. Hill will be remembered for his promising career that never took off because of injuries. He seemed to finally hit a stride in Phoenix. He's not the old Hill,but he's a good mid-range shooter,and he added a three-point shoot to his game. He can still get the ball in the paint. The big question is? How much is in the tank for Hill. He didn't show any signs of slowing down last season,but how longer can Hill go? Is he worth the gamble. I think he's a solid pick,but I'm honestly looking for youth,or someone in their mid 30's.

Battier would be my first choice,and possibly Redd or Hill after.  Stay tunned for part 4.



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1 Comment

Reply celtsfan
02:52 PM on July 15, 2011 
Battier for sure.

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