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The Celtics free agent search: The Wings Part 1 of 4

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 13, 2011 at 12:52 AM

The Celtics have picked up Jeff Green for one more year at least. The Celtics seem likely to re-sign West next season.  That's real ideal next season for the Celtics. Two young guys off the bench. In the coming season both players look to redeem a broken season. Both players have the skills,and the chance to fix the wrongs from the prior season. The Celtics look to add athletic guys who can get their own shot,and to play defense at a championship level. Just like in the Bigs series. The Celtics may lose out on the mid-level exception . A  contract that the Celtics needed in the past few seasons to grab higher value free agents. Will look at the options for shooting guards,and small forwards. Will look at the guys we want,but can't afford. Will review the guys we can get,and if their worth the time and energy.

Jamal Crawford- The Hawks 6th man wanted a deal during the season,but the Hawks seemed unwilling to pay him the big money. I understand he's 31,and by next years playoffs he will be 32. When I watch him play he doesn't look like a player at the age of 31. He's got a spark,and a youthful step to his game. He took a little step back this season compared to the last few seasons. Last season he relished his role with the Hawks.  He averaged 18 points a game,and in only 31 minutes a night. This season the same amount of minutes,but a four point drop in points per game. Crawford seems to be looking for his last big contract,and of course the Celtics can't provide that for Crawford. The Celtics may have a shot  with Crawford,if the mid-level exception still remains. I think he would be the best fit for the Celtics going into next season,but the reality of a signing is low.Crawford is mainly a shooting guard at 6' 5''.

Rasual Butler- Is a good addition to any team,and for the Celtics it works out if you have guys like Green,and West playing in front of him. Butler had two career seasons in 08-09, and in 09-10 with career highs in almost every category of his game. Last season Butler dealt with some injuries,and he had one of his worse seasons in his career. Butler is affordable,and he's a solid veteran.Butler is 6' 7". Butler can hit the three ball,and he can get to the basket. You just hope injuries haven't hurt his game at the age of 32. He's a real pick in the free agent market for the Celtics. He's a good third option without a doubt.

Anthony Parker- Last season Parker was rumored to be on the move to Boston,and to some other NBA teams. The Celtics made a deal at the deadline with the Cavs,but it wasn't for Parker. Will the Celtics give Parker another look this season. He's a year older(36),and despite that he's played in a lot of games,and he stays healthy. Parker is mainly a three-point shooter,and  his defense isn't tops now. Parker is a real option on this team,but just like Butler. He's a good third option behind Green,and West with the money we can spend.Parker seems like a good teammate,and that's what we need in Boston. Overall I would take Parker on a one year deal. Parker would have to be a third or fourth option. He's a good sized shooting guard.


DeShawn Stevenson- Fresh off a world title with the Mavs. You know the Mavs will want to re-sign Stevenson. Stevenson guarded James well in the Finals,and in past seasons. Stevenson might be too much of a character for the Celtics,but he's a lock down defender,and he's a streaky three-point bomber. Stevenson came into the league right out of highschool. He's only 30 years old,but you can always tack on a few extra years sometimes for guys coming out of highschool. I think Stevenson re-signs with the Mavs,but he's worth the look. He's 6'5",and he can play both shooting guard,and small forward on the court. He can help the Celtics guard James,and others in the playoffs.

I think you can see so far that the options are much better on the wing. We can afford at least 3 guys off the list,and we have a good chance with Butler,and Parker. Crawford would impact the Celtics,but the other three guys would play well for the Celtics,but they would provide solid breaks for the starters,and that's really it.

Stay tuned for the other three parts.

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