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Watch my Celtics game one recap on my Youtube channel. 4/18/11 by Shawn Cassidy

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Look it's Jermaine O'neal! by Shawn Cassidy 4/18/11 11:01am

Jermaine has been waiting for this moment. He's been a complete disaster for the Celtics this season. Playing barley 20 games this year.
He was over paid for the time he spent on the floor,and when he did play it wasn't even what you would expect from Jermaine. Jermaine has been over shadowed by his name counter part Shaq. A month later Shaq signed for less money and got the glitz of signing with the Celtics. During the season Shaq was the best big besides KG for the Celtics he grabbed the starting job,and Jermaine backed him up. Jermaine would come back,and leave the line up yet again with a knee issue. The Celtics after the Perk trade had issues of who will take care of the center spot come playoff time? Can Shaq come back? He's not fully back yet after a minute stint. Nenad has showed some signs,but he's not the defensive center the Celtics crave and need. Jermaine would come back in late March,and that was before schedule. Danny has stuck with both Oneals will be healthy come playoff time. As the Celtics wait for the bigger Oneal. They have Jermaine protecting the paint. Jermaine has been upset with his play during the regular season. The playoffs will be the time the Celtics need him most with the departure of Perk,and the hurt Shaq. Jermaine may not have bulk,or even a mean face. He has great defensive moves,and he can score. He was a scorer in his prime,and he can score when asked or given the chance.

Jermaine helped save a potential disaster last night. The Celtics will need this from him until the end,and without a doubt until Shaq comes back. What if Jermaine keeps playing like this? Does Doc start Shaq or Jermaine? That's to hard for me. Jermaine thankfully took the surgery option over playing with the injury. He took a lot of flack for his choice,and his delay. Jermaine came back in better shape,and he lost around 15 pounds. Jermaine and KG may be better then KG and Perk. Only one thing can prove that. A championship this year.

Ray keeps it coming by Shawn Cassidy 4/18/11 7:08am Pacific

What more can you ask for? He seems to find his way each time. He gets there,and gets there without any problem or hurry. It looks so so easy. Ray Allen has been clutch in this era of Celtics basketball. Oh yes you have seen a few slumps from Ray,but under it all there was a clutch three pointer on the way. His shot comes without any change,and it stays the same. The Ray Allen's game plan is screen screen and run. He's made clutch shots after shooting 0/12 or sometimes a little better,but he seems to find a shot to place his team were it should be. Ray Allen can go off for 7 or sometimes 8 three point shots,and sprinkle in a few drives to the basket or a roaring dunk. Ray just always seems to find the moment the moment doesn't find him. This guy can go games without averaging more than 5 shot attempts a game,but he still will get one game that explains who he is,and what he means to this team. Under it all is a good human being,and a good team mate. As a fan if I see Ray struggle. I know he will make up for it with a shot or two down the road. It doesn't hurt he has the best looking shot in the league. It makes a game winner look that much better.

It was fitting last night that Ray would get the final shot. He passed the old Knick killer Reggie Miller,and last night Ray would do just that. Ray prior to last nights game was not on a slump,but more like in the lost and found. Ray was finally found last night. Hitting more than just the clutch three. He was the Celtics high scorer with 24. Ray will be one of the keys to open the door for banner 18. I hope the Celtics give him a key more times then not going down the road. He can do more for you then just hitting a three. He still has a good step to the basket,and he can be a nice decoy for plays like a Rondo alley pass to KG from the in bounds. He can still give Doc and the Celtics over 40 minutes a night. It's a test to how hard he works and cares to win. You couldn't ask for a better 35 year old. Just like former greats before him. Jordan last title at 35,and West a huge part of a title contending team at 35. Reggie Miller still the go to go guy at 35. Ray has stayed the course. He will help the Celtics I hope finish the season with a bang.

OH JESUS! by Shawn Cassidy 7:15pm pacific

You couldn't ask for a better game to start the Celtics 2011 playoff run. A heart pounding game from start to finish. Despite the end of the 2nd quarter. This series may have the most hype around it. The slumping Celtics(regular season) vs the new look Knicks with star power. The Celtics had the pace in the first quarter. It wasn't the lowest scoring first quarter 23-22 Celtics lead,but it had the likes of a Celtics defensive game. Carmelo picked up two quick fouls in the first quarter. The second quarter he went off sparking the Knicks run. They took a 12 point lead into the half,and they scored a blistering 28 points in the 2nd. If you recall last season in the first game against the Heat the Celtics fell down by double digits in the first half,and the Celtics came back.

This game had some bright spots for the Celtics,and Jermaine was the biggest. If you think back to last years playoff series. Jermaine was beaten up by the Celtics. Jermaine may be healthier this season at this point after his knee surgery. The Celtics heading in the second half needed to find  a defense that would hold both Melo and Amare. The Celtics looked for Ray Allen,and they found him. Jermaine Oneal took the lead on defense. Even though Amare went off at times. KG and Jermaine protected the paint. The Celtics out rebounded the Knicks by ten for the entire game. The Celtics got key shots from Jeff Green,and Delonte West. The down side for the Celtics had to be the turnovers. 18 TO'S leading to 26 points for the Knicks.

The 4th saw the Knicks and Celtics take leads and lose leads. The Knicks took a four point lead with 2:15 to go in the 4th. I really thought Amare was taking this one over. Paul Pierce hit a clutch jumper after the time out. Then the Celtics got a key play from Jermaine. Billups would go down with a knee injury,and then Douglas would hit a big three to help the Knicks take a 3 point lead with 37.4 to go. Celtics after the time out would find KG with .3 ticks off the clock from Rondo with a out of bounds pass. The Celtics would work there defensive magic,and get the ball back. The Knicks had no time outs,and the Celtics would lose there last two 20 second time outs to get the ball end. Rondo has issues getting the ball in,and Ray Allen took his spot. Ray got it in to Paul,and Ray would find a open three point shot,and he would sink it,and give Boston a two point lead. The Knicks had no Time out's and Melo would try a 3 for the win,and he missed badly.

This game wasn't pretty,but the defense in the second half should be something to note. They held one of the best offensive teams to 87 points. This is what the Celtics needed Ray Allen getting the ball,and a nice defensive presence inside with J.O. The Celtics will move forward,and look to get another win this Tuesday. This Tuesday Shaq may or may not come back.

Check out the game clips and show tomorrow!

Game 1 is here,and the Celtics are ready by Shawn Cassidy 10:00am Pacific

The news yesterday was okay,but not good news. Oneal to miss game one. The Celtics can handle the Knicks without him. There depth should shine in this series. The Celtics have some stars of there own. The Big four,and Rondo I hope can turn back the clock from last seasons playoff drive. Rondo will need to use his speed against the tough Billups. Billups is clutch and strong. He can post up Rondo,and work the ball around that. Rondo has posted up this season,and has worked the offense that way,and at times it's helped the C's movement. This series is not about fake rival. These are not the 70's Celtics or 80's Celtics. The Celtics may be on the edge by next season of not being a title contending team. The Knicks may be on the rise. There is a rival type atmosphere between Boston and New York,and that's it. This should be a nice test for the Celtics they will have to guard two mega stars,and if the Celtics advance they will have to guard three mega stars in the second round.

What I'm looking for in game 1?

- Ray Allen being a huge part of the offense. The last month of the season we saw his attempts drop,and he still logged heavy minutes. Ray wasn't in so much of a slump,but he was not getting his numbered called on offense.

-Rondo being Rondo like last years playoffs. Triple double's? High double double's? Just lead your team to victory.

-The forward spot on the floor. Paul vs Meol,and KG vs Amare. Who can hold the other guy,and who can take advantage of the other guy.

This season has KG injury like atmosphere with SHAQ. by Shawn Cassidy 4/16/11

The news today is not great,but the Celtics always leave that door open as day to day. I was for the trade of Perkins after hearing Danny's reasons.
After Feb 1st. The Celtics listed him day to day for two months. Saying if it was the playoffs he would play. The past months Danny would spin this into Shaq's okay ,and he will help this team. After Shaq hurt his calf on April 3rd,and he played a strong five minutes before hurting his leg. The Celtics danced around the question with? Yeah I think he will play,but I don't know for sure. That just doesn't make sense to me when they say that. I just want a honest answer please. I guess there being optimistic about the injury problems. I like that,but I would like to hear real answers. I guess today we got a real answer. Shaq's not ready for game one. I'm not surprised at all about this,and to be honest that 's okay for now. This will give Jermaine more time to build a chemistry with the big four. Something that Shaq has already. Jermaine is no Bynum stopper. I do think he will guard guys like Big Z and Noah with no problem. This will be Jermaine's time to earn that mid level exception. We will need Shaq in case of match ups with Dwight or Bynum.

The reason I say KG's injury has the same kind of impact from Shaq? The Celtics would say he will be ready for the  09 playoffs,and the day after the regular season he was gone,and so did the Celtics chance of a title. Shaq has not been ruled out yet for the entire playoffs,but until he comes back and plays a few games. He will be a question on all of our minds in Celtic land.

It's clear to me right now the Celtics are the under dogs yet again. Hearing the media this morning on ESPN. Both Jalen DUI Rose,and Chris Mullin picked a Bulls vs Heat ECF'S. Sounds to easy for me. Let's pick the two top seeds to be safe. I like to pick the two battled tested playoff teams in the ECF'S. The Celtics vs the Magic. All this talk happens due to Shaq.

The rest of the East preview and predictions. by Shawn Cassidy 4/16/11 8:45am Pacific

(1)Bulls vs (4)Magic season series Bulls win series 3-1

This may be the series were one on one superstar MVP debate will happen.Dwight vs Rose. The Magic blew up there team in the early part of the season. They brought back Hedo,and lost major depth up front. I think a lot of the Magics woes had to be for the fact they started over mid year. They added younger talent at the two guard spot with Jason,and they thought adding Gilbert would add a huge punch of offense. That's not the case so far. Hedo hasn't found Hedo of 2009. Despite all of this. I do believe the Magic have a huge upper hand going into this series. The Bulls are basically going into the playoffs as a new team. Yes Rose and Noah have played in the playoffs,but not as this unit,and they have not advanced in the playoffs yet. I don't think anyone can contain DWIGHT inside. I do think Nelson maybe able to stop Rose for a few plays. Just enough to win a game. I think Dwight and the Magics playoff past will send them back to the ECF'S. Magic win in six.


(2)Heat vs (3) Celtics Celtics won season series 3-1

Well this is the series everyone wanted to watch.This was supposed to be the East finals match-up. The Celtics took care of the Heat the first three meetings of the season, The last meeting the Celtics team was destroyed. It was the first time the Celtics didn't have either Shaq or Perk. Perk is no longer there so the Celtics will count on Shaq and Jermaine together. This series will come down to stars.I think the match ups that will determine this series? Rondo vs Heat point guard rotation. KG vs Bosh,and The five for the Celtics to dominate the Fives from the Heat. The two teams have huge pressure. The Celtics want banner 18,and the core team now wants a second ring,and for Shaq his 5th. James is still looking for his ring. I think this series will turn out like last years Cavs series. Celtics win in six.




The third year in a row. This is one of the top fueds in the league right now. This series could depend on Shaq's health. The Celtics will need 25 minutes from Shaq. I think the Celtics will dominate every spot on the floor except for the five. It's possible if Shaq can play some minutes. I think this will be an easier series for the Celtics. If the Bulls play the Celtics it will be without a doubt a tougher series. The NBA is all about match ups.
Celtics in five.

Celtics win 4-1

Celtics win the East and will play against the Spurs

EASTERN CONFERENCE 2011 PLAYOFF PREVIEW AND PREDICTIONS by Shawn Cassidy 4/15/11 9:40pm pacific

(1) CHICAGO vs. (8) Indiana (Chicago won 3-1)

If this series plays out like the regular season. The Bulls should walk away in five or less games. Rose will average over 30 this series. It's nice to see Larry Bird and the Pacers back in the playoffs. To bad they will get bounced quicker then there last playoff run. The Pacers to me have a bright future,but they need to build quickly. They have a okay core there in Granger. This series will be over in 5 games. This will be Rose's best series.


(4) ORLANDO vs. (5) Atlanta (Atlanta won 3-1)

Despite the season series. The Hawks have fallen apart,and I think this team will blow up a little bit next season. Let's talk about this year. The Hawks started out the gates pretty strong,but they just fell apart after each month. Even though the Hawks won the season series. I expect this series to be closer. With the Magic making major roster moves during the season. The Magic may be weaker,but maybe they will find something in the playoffs. They have Dwight Howard,and that's all they may need to win this series. Magic win in six games.


(2) MIAMI vs. (7) Philadelphia (Miami won 3-0)

The Heat stole the second spot from the Celtics who they trailed for the top two seeds for most of the season. The Heat have found a better chemistry as of late. I guess after cry gate. The Sixers are back in the playoffs after a year off. New coach Doug Collins gets my vote for top coach. Nobody thought this would happen. They started the season on a rough start. They recovered nicely with solid play from Brand and others. This series will be custom made for the Heat who can play a running game. This series will be over in five.


(3) BOSTON vs. (6) New York (Boston won 4-0)

Boston won the season series without a lose. To bad that won't be the case in the playoffs. I expect his series to end in five games. The Celtics will turn that switch. They have a healthier and stronger team this season. Even with there mini breakdown at the end of the season. Losing to the Bulls and Heat. The major questions the Celtics have been asked? Will Shaq play,and do you miss Perk? Yes and No to answer for them. The Knicks have found there way. They stumbled a few weeks after the trade. They have settled in,and many have picked them for a upset. I say C's in 5


I will have the second round,and ECF Saturday.

Western Conference preview and prediction. by Shawn Cassidy 4/15/11 11:44 pm pst

(1) SAN ANTONIO vs. (8) Memphis (Series tied 2-2)

With the series starting off with a mystery of Manu's health. Could we see upset. Going into the season nobody thought the Spurs would be the
top team in the West or even second overall in the league. The Memphis Grizzly go into the post season with a weird storyline? Rumors of there tanking to dodge the Lakers and to meet up with the Spurs. That should light a fire under the Spurs. If Manu can not come back at the same strength the Spurs will be in for a fight. They will move on to the next round,but there could be a Golden State Warriors moment maybe. Out of three games in the season series the Spurs had three players total over 30 points. A key match up will be Tim Duncan vs Zach Randolph. Randolph has dominated the boards. If Duncan can get help on Zach from a combo of guys. This series will come down to Tony and Manu for the Spurs no new story there.


(4) OKLAHOMA CITY vs. (5) Denver (Oklahoma City won 3-1)

This series should be up and down. Two offensive minded teams going at it. The Thunder have stopped the Nuggets in the last two games. Holding them to about 92 a game. With the Nuggets season average at 107. I thought this series may be tight,but when I think about it. This is perfectly made for the Thunder. The Nuggets have played like a team since the Melo trade,but the Thunder play like a team,and have two stars. They also have a huge front line. I will expect to see the Thunder win this series in five games.


1)San Antonio Spurs vs (4) OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER(SA SPURS Won 3-0)

This series will have much debate,but this series will be a clash of young and old. We don't see a huge 40 point game from Durant. There was only one game played after the trade for Perk. It was the closet contest. The Thunder also picked up some other big men to battle the likes of the Lakers. In this second round match up the Thunder may be in the wrong series at the wrong time. I think there ready to beat the Lakers,but there not ready to beat the Spurs. Manu if healthy will be the key. I'm not sure how they will guard Durant. I guess they have done a good job so far. Manu will be able to abuse the Thunder. I think the one thing that can stop Manu will be the enforcers up front. Perkins brought in to enforce. This team maybe ready,but I'm confident that the Spurs have one last solid run in there soul. They have not seen a finals in four years. Spurs will win in six


(2) LOS ANGELES vs. (7) New Orleans (Los Angeles won 4-0)

This series was over when Kobe tied the Kings game. With David West out. There is no chance,and even with West there was no chance. The Hornets started the season on top of the league,but they would drop and drop,and injury after injury. LA limped into the playoffs with a Bynum injury that sounds minor,but feared the worst by Laker fans. The Lakers also dropped five out of there last seven games,and that killed there post all-star run of 17-1. Chris Paul is back in the playoffs after last years injury,and the trade rumors over the summer. Lakers SWEEP


(3) DALLAS vs. (6) Portland (Series tied 2-2)

This series is the one to watch,or at least out West. LA didn't want them,and most of the top seeds dreaded them in a potential match-up. The Mavs almost sealed the second seed,but the Lakers had the tie break. The Blazers have battled injuries since 07-08. Losing Oden two out of four years. Losing Roy for the past two seasons. The Blazers have upset on there mind,and the Mavs don't want to relive any Warrior moments. The season series tied. The Blazers won the last two games in the season series. That was after they brought in G.Wallace. LaMarcus really had his way averaging about 30 a game in the series. All games close.LaMarcus is the go to guy now,and Roy is on the bench trying to come back from major knee injuries. This is the one series were I think upset. What if the Blazers see the Lakers in the second round? Well I think we find out this season. The Mavs need Caron Butler,but he's not back. He mad them a title contender. I don't see them being that without him. It really worked for them before January 2011. Blazers in six

Blazers 4-2

(2)LAKERS vs. (6)BLAZERS (Series 3-1 Lakers)

Two of the Lakers wins the Blazers could have won the ball games. Historically this match-up has been rough for the two time champs. All the way back to the West finals in 2000. All the way back in the late 80's early 90's. The two teams battle for the Pacific rights. I really thought if both teams meet in the first round. The Blazers maybe had the upper hand. The Lakers are wounded,and it would have been prime for the Blazers. This is the series I want to see. The chippy bitter angry fued of the two teams. This would be better TV with the two teams playing for a trip to the WCF'S.
At the end the Lakers will win this series,but I wouldn't be surprised if the Blazers move on either. Lakers in 7

Lakers win 4-3

Western Conference Finals





Personal note I have just started this site,and it will take some time to get it going here.
I really wanted to put it out there before the playoffs. I know I have plans to do things different.
I hope to build this site with NBA fans and just not Celtics fans.

It's finally here. The up and down regular season is over,and it's time again. Dreams of banner 18 dance threw the heads of Celtic fans.
Buzzer beaters and sweeps. Game sevens,and title contender melt downs. That's what the NBA playoffs are all about. Each NBA season has more teams gunning
for an NBA title. The Bulls are a new foe,and the Heat are back minus a Cavs team. Who I guess the Bulls replaced. The Magic and Celtics the last two East champs are in the middle,
and close to the top. I believe that's the ECF match up. The Celtics will face off against the Magic to earn a trip to the Finals. The Celtics will beat the Magic onto the finals.

The West playoff picture is much of the same. With the Lakers grabbing the second seed. I think they will move onto the WCF. I really wanted to think hard on this,but I believe the Lakers will fall to the Spurs. In this day and age. It's hard enough to make it to a finals. To make it to four in a row? Last the time that was done Bird and Magic battled for titles.

I will have more on the playoffs later. Who knows when I dig deeper. The Thunder or Lakers may make it to the finals instead.

Check out http://celticstitletown.webs.com/celticstoday.htm for latest news
Celtics playoff kickoff this Sunday at 7pm 4/13/11 2:36pm est

On Sunday, the New York Knicks will travel to Boston to face the third-seeded Celtics at 7 p.m. That game will air on TNT, which is also broadcasting NBA playoff games.


The Celtics struggles are not because of the Perkins trade? by Shawn Cassidy 4/13/11

Did the Celtics have Perkins when they started the season 23-4? Did the Celtics have Perkins when they beat the Bulls, and Heat to take a 4-0 record to start the season?
The Celtics beat the Spurs,and Magic without Perk. The Celtics had a 33-10 record before Perk came back. The Celtics had a 8-4 record with Perk back. They lost to the Lakers with Perk in,and Shaq out of the lineup. Why have the Celtics lost control at the end of the finish line? There healthy,and have good talent. All of the health comments are valid,but the issue lies in a few answers.
First there is no Shaq he seems to be a factor even at age 39. You wouldn't think he would be,but Rondo's assists have dropped,and so have the team assists dropped overall without Shaq.

I think the main reason for the struggles have been wanting the regular season over with. This team got bored later this season,and not after December 25th like last year. Doc did cut the minutes down even though Ray Allen had high numbers. In reality I don't have the real answer. I just know the Perkins trade didn't blow up this team. Yes it hurt the players,but they have moved on after the trade. Yes due to the Oneal injuries the Celtics have lacked a defense inside. Sorry Glen you try but your under sized. The two Oneals will be around for the playoffs. Jermaine looks at his best right now,and Shaq despite his injuries should have a fresh body. I think the good news. Shaq will have some rust yes,but the Celtics can win the first round with out the best Shaq. The Knicks are small up front. The Celtics can use Jeff Green at the four at times.

Struggles happen when you have half of your roster traded,and you sign new guys mid season. There role has been served. Provide rest for the playoff rotation. Rondo,Ray,and Paul will log around 40 minutes,and KG will log around 35 per night. Doc will use the three headed center monster as a whole. I think more Jermaine now because of his recent play. Jeff Green/D.West/Baby will be the core off the bench. To me it means a upgrade from Posey and House from 08. I don't know if we have a P.J Brown type yet. It could be Jermaine if Shaq plays at least 25 minutes a night.

I honestly think this team will be fine,and the Perk trade hasn't totally blown the Celtics chances.

It comes down to a mental attitude? by Shawn Cassidy 4/12/11 3:06pm est

With the recent games to the Bulls and Heat. There has been many words used to describe this team,and who they lost in the process.
The Bulls and Heat both say the Celtics lost there toughness when they traded Perk. As a fan I have moved on from the trade,but has the league or even the Celtics? The answer to that question I don't have. What I have seen from the big loses? The Bulls and Heat telling the press there not scared anymore of the Celtics because Perk's out of the paint.

Some quotes from the other teams.

From Brian Scal of the Bulls:
On Perk: "That's big news. One thing I always did when I was there, is I trusted Danny and Doc and the decisions they made and I always thought they were smarter than us and smarter than me. I will say this: As a whole our group is pretty excited about it. [Teams around the league] were excited to hear that he was gone. Truth be told, you know, moving forward and watching this team play you don't know what's going to happen. Obviously, we all feel like Kendrick did an unbelievable job clogging the paint up and intimidating the other team, but you never know until the playoffs come."

D.Rose and Bosh have called the trade better for them,and horrible for the Celtics. Have the Heat and Bulls gained fake confidence with the trade? Perkins didn't play a game this year against the Bulls,and Perk only played one game against the Heat. It was mainly SHAQ this season who played against the two teams. There is no question the Celtics need a body like a Oneal or Perk in the paint. With Shaq in the line up. The Celtics are 4-0 against the Bulls and Heat.

The Celtics became a better team with the trade if you think Shaq will play like he did in the start of the year. If he doesn't play like that. Well the trade really back fired. Perk wasn't coming back to Boston after this season so the trade was a must either way. Let's go back to a mental toughness. Yes Perk had that,and yes he was a huge part of the Defense. I think Perk is more of a mystic then a talent. K.G helped mold him into this enforcer. Yes Perk hardly played in key moments for the Celtics in 08,and yes Perk sat during stretches last season with Wallace playing the bulk in the final minutes. Once the Celtics put Shaq on the floor,and he gels with the first unit again. All will be forgotten. I will be confident in Shaq. He gives more of a mystic then Perk. Who wants to guard the living legend? Even if he's 39 years old? He can ball for 20 minutes a night. He will be fresh for the playoffs. That's all the Celtics wanted. They will get that. Even though the Celtics fell apart at the end of the regular season. They won't have home court in the finals if they make it,or in the East past the first round. What they have is a healthy team,and the two Oneals. J.O is looking like the guy we wanted,and Shaq will be back for the first game of the playoffs. We also have a wild card center in Nenad. I would take Nenad over Shelden Willams any day. The Celtics have a healthier K.G this year. The Big four have a toughness that can make up for Perk. Shaq isn't so bad either at being a enforcer. He did the job for the first half of the season.

Will see what mental attitude comes from the loses. The Celtics like a challenge. Will see if they learned there lesson from game 7 last year. Home court is not a factor for this team. They know they can win with out it.
Jermaine O'neal and the big baby. by Shawn Cassidy 4/12/11 12:50am est

When I knew the starting team would not play tonight. I wanted to see the second unit play hard,and as a starting unit. I do know once the playoffs kick off
Doc will shorten the rotation,and have the starters log 40 minutes a night. Except for K.G he will be around 35 a night. With Shaq out,and his injury still not clear to me.
Jermaine is key for this teams success. The recent struggles for the Celtics can't be blamed on one man alone,but Glen Davis has his hands caught in the cookie jar way too much.
Baby tries to make up for lack of length with his bulk. He also tries with energy and hustle. With key injuries to all of the big men threw out the season. Glen has been the rock.
As of late Baby has tried to play hero ball,and he's been logging heavy minutes. He's been killed on the boards. He's been blocked around the basket at a higher rate.
He's shooting too many jumpers from outside his range. When Glen gets the ball in the post he's the new black hole. He won't pass the ball even if he's doubled or tripled.
Doc also has a comfort level with Baby on the floor. Doc could have used Jeff Green in a few match-ups,but he's been sticking with Baby.

With tonight's performance from Jermaine O'neal,and even Jeff Green. The Celtics should look to both guys down the stretch of games. Even though J.O,and Green logged huge minutes. They still grabbed almost 30 rebounds between them. Put in five blocks from Jermaine,and you have something to work with. Jermaine put in his best effort of the season last night. He played 37 minutes,and he looked great on the floor. Minor rust,but you can see he's not dragging much at all right now. This could be huge for the playoff run with Shaq out until who knows when.

Even with Shaq coming back Jermaine O'neal can be the guy who ends the game,and Shaq can start the game. Jermaine will give them defense and rebounding. Something baby can not provide on a normal basis. Baby may be a better scorer,but Jermaine is not to shabby on the offensive end. The Celtics can get enough scoring from the big four. As a fan of this team. I think I will be more comfortable with either Green or Jermaine in the game over Baby. Baby's been clutch when asked to be,but need is more important then hurt egos when going for a title.

Good move by Doc giving Jeff and Jermaine a major role tonight. The odds against the Celtics snagging the second seed,but sad to see if the Lakers and Celtics meet up again. The Lakers own home court.

Celtics vs Wizards 4/11/11

Does Doc rest the guys? There still in the hunt for the second seed right? So what will he do? Too many questions for a game against the Wizards.
Doc can rest his guys Wednesday. See what happens tonight in the Heat game,and the game will be against a fallen Hawks team. The Hawks are still a dangerous team. If the Celtics played to potential. They wouldn't need the starters past 30 minutes tonight,but the Celtics love to have issues in back to back games,and put in a team with a horrible record. The Celtics will be in a close game. Tonight will see if there is a chance of the second seed. Personally I moved on from the Heat game. There was no way the HEAT would have been down 0-4 vs the Celtics anyway. The Laws of gravity in the NBA you could say. I don't have much to say for this game. Just play hard C's.

Media already getting on a Bulls vs Lakers finals band wagon?? by Shawn Cassidy 4-11-11

LOS ANGELES -- It's a scenario that seems almost too storybook to be believable.

If the Los Angeles Lakers make it to the NBA Finals this postseason and the No. 1 seed in the East holds home court and meets them there, Phil Jackson will end his NBA head coaching career against the same team he started it with.

Are you ready for Lakers vs. Bulls?

Jackson isn't.

"What I told the players today [at shootaround] is we're not concerned with anything in the Eastern Conference at all. Nothing," Jackson said before the Lakers hosted the Oklahoma City on Sunday. "When this season is finished and we play the next three games, then we're worried about the first round and the team we have in the playoffs. Then I said, 'I know you have a lot of people coming and say, Wow, you might be playing Chicago in the Finals!' That's the most ludicrous thing to say."

A reporter followed up Jackson's statement by pointing out that, "neither of you might get there," to which Jackson replied, "That's for sure."

The Bulls, at 60-20, clinched the top seed in the East already and lead No. 2 Miami by four games but have not made it out of the second round of the playoffs since Jackson last coached them and have gone 0-2 in two playoff series in the Derrick Rose era.

Adding more intrigue to the potential Finals matchup is the fact that the first of Jackson's 13 Finals appearances as head coach was when his Bulls played the Lakers in the championship round in 1991. The Lakers' four game losing streak put them 4 games behind Chicago for best overall record and it also allowed Miami and Boston to keep pace.

Jackson assured reporters the Lakers aren't looking at the Bulls or any other team in the East, however.

"They're on the other side of the country," he said. "It's not very close."

From Spears- Twitter 4-11-10

Marc J. Spears
Did you see Perk wave goodbye to Lakers fans?


The Celtics fall from grace the sequel! by Shawn Cassidy 4/10/11

Why the sheed picture? Further down the line.

The Celtics of last year started off strong,and finished the season on a sour note. They couldn't beat the good teams,and they couldn't hold a double digit lead. The Celtics had two major injuries with K.G and Paul. Doc would rest Ray,and Sheed during the season,but the two veterans played the most games between all the veterans. The Celtics would go into the playoffs under dogs,and written off from being any thing close to a championship team. Last years team was like a movie. It was a former champion dealing with critics,and age,and dealing with injuries. Also dealing with a identity crisis. The new young star in Rondo was trying to take the team for his own. The Big three would take a back seat.A supporting role,and no longer the headline star.

The Celtics would go into the playoffs rested,and K.G and Paul healthier. The Celtics had a big front line. K.G and Perk,and Wallace coming off the bench. All three players had a toughness about there play that was not matched by any other team. All seven feet,and they wouldn't take crap from any opposing team. The Celtics front line,and combined with Rondo's MVP play took the league by storm. They would upset Lebron,and then the Orlando Magic to make it all the way back to the finals.

The Celtics would face there arch rival. The Lakers! The Celtics became this Cinderella team,and it was like a dream. They took a 3-2 lead, and the Celtics looked prime to bring home banner 18. The Celtics would lose Perk in game 6,and lose game 7 by a few points,and lose on the boards. The Celtics had a double digit lead,and lost control. The Celtics lost there size. They had 2/3's of the big front line. The movie ended like a bad movie. The Hero died,or at least it appeared that way.

The Celtics ended the season with a huge cliff hanger. Would Doc come back? Will Paul and Ray sign? Who will replace Perk and Sheed? The Celtics answered all of the above questions. Shaq would replace Perk,and Jermaine O'neal would replace Sheed.  The bonus would be Perk coming back during the season. The Celtics also would bring in a old favorite co-star in West.

The Celtics would start the season on a high note,and they would battle some injuries,but with depth the Celtics would keep pace. The critics started the season on the side of the Celtics. They assumed Perk would be back,and Shaq would be healthy enough to give a punch. The Celtics would beat the Heat and Lakers during the season. The two evil powers. The two teams in the Celtics way for there story book ending for banner 18. The Celtics movie sequel this year would see some major twists and turns. The Daniels injury,and the Perk trade.

The third twist this season has been the recent struggles of the Celtics. The fall from top seed in the East to a possible third seed. You can also add to the mix if the Lakers and Celtics meet in the finals the Lakers will have home court again. Last seasons story was a different tale,but this season looks like it's going down the same path. The cast has changed,but the story very similar.

The Celtics have checked out of the regular season,and again are under dogs. There are maybe more questions around this team this time. There are higher expectations this season. Going into last seasons playoffs the Celtics had a small chance. Just for the fact of KG looking sluggish during the season,and there lack of want to win.

I do think the Celtics are fine. I do think at the same time there is much to be worried about. This team needs Shaq,and that's not a for sure thing. The Celtics can not win a title with Baby as the big in crunch time or for long stretches. He's under sized,and he's not a high basketball I.Q player. He's got heart,and he can add a punch on offense when he doesn't try to hard.

I think Jeff Green should be the guy. We brought him in to do this,and so far he's been taking the back seat to Baby. You can blame Green for not being aggressive. The problem may be Doc. It's not his fault,but he's comfortable with Baby,and he's trying to win games now. In the long run Green needs to play over baby.

Talking of the Heat game. The Heat were due. There a top team. They have Wade and Lebron. You are not going to sweep that duo. The lose just comes at a bad time. If the Celtics took care of some games early on. This wouldn't have been a must win. The Celtics still have a chance of getting the second seed. It will be tough just like the Celtics want it. It seems to me after winning the title. The Celtics need a tough road. They seem to want it. It gives them motivation. That's what I want to believe from the hero of the story.

I can't go into the playoffs thinking the Celtics will win. I just take one game at a time as a fan. There has been too much drama as of late. Rondo's lack of play. Toss in Ray's struggles,and Baby's go to guy attitude. Then will Shaq and J.O be able to take over for Perk? Will Jeff Green be worth the Perkins trade? It's why we watch,and the reasons why I can't take my eyes off this team. They also still have a chance at at title with all the issues.

The Celtics go down to the bash at the beach on a Sunday afternoon. by Shawn Cassidy 4/10/11

The Celtics our a perfect 3-0 on ABC Sunday games. Beating the best of the best on this day. The Heat fell to the Celtics on a Sunday in Febuary.
This match-up has been talked about since July 9th the day of Lebron heading to south beach. This was the second heat game I circled on the schedule besides the first game. I thought this game would come down to something. I thought for the first seed. I didn't  think for the second or third seed. The first three games the Celtics had either Shaq or Perk. They don't have a big enforcer type in the middle,but they do have two big men playing well right now. J.O is back and his defense has shown up,and Nenad had returned and he has picked up his game. Personally I would take them easily over the Heat bigs.

This will be the first game the Heat have Bibby against the Celtics. Rondo has burned Bibby in the past. I look for the same in this match-up. The Celtics also will have for the first time Green and West. Two dynamic players who could give the Heat problems. I would like to see Doc have Green on James during a stretch. I think West could handle Wade to. Ray has done a honorable job,but West may be the better defender all around.

The Celtics will show a killer eye today if they win this game. If they lose this game it will look like the Bulls game. I think will see a motivated team today. I don't know if we see that in the last two games,but today they should be willing and ready to shove it down the heats face. When I think of home court I don't think of Miami. This season the Heat have many issues with there team,and you can put there fans into that hat. They show up late,and there crowd sounds not that into the game. I don't know what to expect today from them,but there not garden crowd.

The Celtics will look to sweep the Heat,and put a small strangle hold on the second seed. I don't know if it will hurt the Heats ego or heart if they lose today,but it will play in the minds of players like Chalmers,and there bigs.

Rondo running the offense,and keeping the turnovers down. The heat want to get out and run for easy baskets. The Celtics must take care of the ball.

K.G calling out the defense and the rest going with the lead. J.O playing around 20-25 minuutes would be nice to see. Doc doesn't want him to rest as much anymore. I want to see his inside defense against the Heat. Just for the fact of Shaqs injury history. The Celtics will need one of the O'neals to be a dominate force inside come  playoff time.

I think will see a score in the low 90's today. Just like the Miami weather.

Celtics live chat for tomorrow vs the Heat. Trying this for the first time!

Highlights from the other Celtics vs Heat match-ups. 4/9/11

O'neal update from Forsberg 4/9/11 12:05pm est

Shaq not on trip, ruled out vs. Miami & Washington; Von Wafer did travel giving Boston 14 available bodies.

The Celtics look to lock up the second seed tomorrow in Miami.
By Shawn Cassidy 4/9/11

This game will be called everything from must win. To the question of. Who needs to win this game more? I have answers for both questions. It's not a must win,and it's not a game of who needs it more. It's a game to help decide the playoff picture in the East,and that's it from my point of view. Will the Celtics hurt there chances at banner 18 if they lose tomorrow? I don't think so,but it will make things easier for them. The Celtics lost the season series last year to the Orlando Magic 1-3. Going into the Eastern finals how many thought the Celtics had a chance? The Magic had a perfect 8-0 record in the playoffs at that point. My point is this. The playoffs became a different beast. The road will be tough,and if the Celtics see the Lakers this season. The Lakers will have a much tougher test this season. Especially if they see the Blazers in the first round.

With the Lakers losing last night the Celtics keep pace with them for Home court rights if they both meet. Lakers hold the tie breaker. The Celtics will need to win there last three,and hope for a Lakers lose to either the Thunder or Spurs.

The two key points to look for tomorrow in the Heat and Celtics match-up? The Celtics will face the Heat without Shaq or Perkins for the first time this season. Although Shaq may play Sunday. I don't see it happening personally. Jermaine has been fresh in his limited role so far. Nenad looks sharp coming back from his knee bruise. Glen has been up and down as of late,and I look for him to have a big game off the bench. I hope to see Baby pass,and play with in the offense,and he can get his shots that way. I don't expect much out of Troy. If the big Shamrock play's I don't think will see Murph.

The other key tomorrow. Will be Rondo and Bibby. Rondo has played well against Bibby. This will be the first game the Heat have Bibby vs the Celtics. They felt that Bibby was the key to help with the Celtics. The Celtics will also have Delonte West in this game. West wasn't apart of the first three games in this season series.You can also put in Jeff Green in the same category. Jeff Green gives us a young SF who can maybe guard Lebron. The Celtics can go big with Paul and Jeff on the floor moving Paul to the shooting guard spot.

Even though this game is very important in the standings. Doc needs to try a few things with some new players in the mix. The Celtics if they win would more than likely lock up the second seed because of the tie breaker they hold. I hope as a fan they keep in the back of their minds they can past the Lakers maybe if they win the last three games. Is it the end if the Lakers finish with home court over the Celtics? It's not the end. I think the Celtics have come full circle. K.G is a healthier K.G,and that's the key difference from last years finals. I'm jumping much to far. There's more games to play,and other story lines to watch out for. I might be the only one out there,or I'm not perhaps. I think the Magic will find some Celtic magic from last year and beat the Bulls. I would like to see the Magic in the ECF'S. It would be for the third year in a row. I like this battle. It will have lost it's luster a little with Perk out of town. Perk and Dwight had great battles.

The Celtics usually in this Celtics era. Not counting so much of last year. The Celtics have bounced back after losing a big game. The next big game the Celtics would win. It happened last time against the Heat. The Celtics lost a close game to the Lakers,and they came in a few days later and took care of the Heat. Even though I think the game is not important. I think the season will lose some of it's magic if the Celtics lose the second seed to the Heat after staying ahead of them most of the year. This is the first game all year the Celtics are playing for something. This is the closest thing to a playoff game. Both teams go in tied,and there playing for something the second seed. The Celtics usually get up for teams like the Heat.

Three games to go!

The Celtics move on by Shawn Cassidy 4/8/11
The game was billed as a must win,and the question of who needs to win this game the most. Statement games,and most wins don't exist in the regular season. Those words exist for TNT,and ESPN trying to get ratings from fans who don't watch on a regular basis. Games are won and lost in a regular season by good teams,and really bad teams. We have seen over hyped teams lose,and we have seen title contenders have losing streaks of 4 games or more during the season. Teams like the Lakers and Celtics get up for certain games,and sometimes they just don't. It was clear the Celtics tonight didn't want any part of this game. I can't say what it was,but the Celtics didn't really want it enough. The Bulls a young team wanted it. Rose will say MVP isn't a big deal,but last night it was clear to me. He wants the MVP trophy. He took the game over,and that's what it was. He knew this win on national TV would seal his bid for the trophy.

The Bulls also as a team wanted to win the top spot in the East. It was more important to them. The Bulls remind me of many teams in this decade,and threw NBA history that get hot in the regular season. There a good team,and I'm not going to declare them the favorites in the East because of this win. I will say this. They are scary,and shouldn't be taken lightly. This team just reminds me of the Cleveland teams from the past few years. They beat teams in the regular season who they should beat,and they win a few games over real title contenders. Once they meet a title contending team in the playoffs they lose. They are exposed for the real team they are. The Bulls of this year may be better then the Cavs of prior years,but they still need to prove to me they can win a playoff series.

The Celtics will not play like this in the playoffs. They have a switch,and they get up for the playoffs. The Celtics are going to lose games against the top teams. They had a horrible record last season against the top teams in the league. This year it's been a drastic improvement. The only top team to have the Celtics number this season the MAVS. The Celtics will move on from this game,and they will learn from this. Doc stuck with his minute plan,and K.G/PAUL/RONDO stayed low. Why did Ray play 38 minutes though?


The games do mean something in the sense of seeding,but it's not the end of the season. The Celtics will need to win all four games that remain. Tied with the Heat for the second spot. Which I think they need the second spot. Just to make things a little easier. There is a good chance the Celtics still get home court in the ECF. The Magic will be the likely match up against the Bulls. I think it goes six or seven easy, The Magic are a veteran playoff team. The Magic can win,and that will give home court back to the Celtics. I think will see a better team this coming Sunday in Miami. There is more on the line to the Celtics,and they hate the Heat more now then the Bulls.

The one thing that upsets me about this loss? We could have stayed right there with the Lakers/Mavs/Thunder for home court in the finals. The Celtics must win all there games,and hope for the Lakers to lose two more games. The Lakers have three tough games coming up. The Celtics must not really mind about playing the finals on the road. The finals can be won by the team without HCA. It's a low percent though. Three of Jordan's title teams won on the road. His first/third/sixth titles on the road.

I like this team this year going into the playoffs more than last season. I expected a second round bounce last season. This season I expect banner 18. On the road or not. It won't matter to me if it doesn't matter to them. I like what I see from J.O right now,and I like what I see from Green. West has shown what's possible from him to. K.G has been the only starter that hasn't checked out. Paul had a stinker last night,but he was on a tear for a good stretch. The back court and Baby. Haven't played ideal. Rondo had a few games,but he's checked out. He will be okay.

I'm tired of bashing Baby. I hate to say it,but I don't want him in a Celtics uniform after this season. He's working for his contract. I hope he gets it some where else. His play has been anti Ubuntu.

This lose is not a playoff lose,or a statement game. It's one game in a regular season. That a veteran team didn't play into. They know there a better team in the long run. They got a Bulls effort that looked like there playoff effort. The Celtics simply know when to play playoff basketball. That's in the playoffs. The Celtics if anything got there best from the Bulls,and the Bulls don't know what the best will be from the Celtics. Rondo will show up in the playoffs just like last season. The Big three will be there to. There in much better shape this time around. Even with a slumping Ray. Statements are mad in June.

Kobe wins All-star MVP and he's still no Jordan.

Many of us have seen Jordan play in his prime. There are some fans out there today who might have just seen the Wizards Jordan. I was lucky enough to see him play. I don't have to go back and watch old film. Like I have to for old DR.J games or clips. I was able to see his dynasty of the 90's and his rise to the top. When he played the game I was not a fan of Jordan. It was a hard time to be a Celtics fan during most of the Jordan era of the 90's. The Big three retired piece by piece. The Celtics had bad first round picks Eric Montross for example. We had old stars like the Human highlight film play in a Celtics uniform. If you were a fan of basketball you had to learn to follow other players in the league. I became a John Stockton fan,and so then I would cheer for the Jazz in the playoffs,and during the games I could see on national T.V at the time. During Jordan's last two title runs I hated him. The Jazz without a doubt had the best shot of beating Jordan. I thought that last year in 98 the Jazz had him. Then Jordan and the Bulls won the series.

The 99 season was a short year due to the lockout. I was a huge fan of the game. I was still playing basketball for school. I would tape almost every single NBA game,and CELTICS game I could. I would watch old tapes, and mainly Jordan and the Bulls. Of course I'm no Jordan, but I wanted to watch the games and try some of his moves. I really grew to love Jordan's legacy,and what he did for the game. Bird and Magic started it, but he finished what they started.Jordan out of all the former Dynasties. Was a single player dynasty. Scottie Pippen of course was key to them winning,and I don't think they would have six without him. I guess it's fair to say a two man Dynasty, but Jordan was clearly above Scottie.

Now I want to dive into Kobe Bryant. Is it safe to say that Kobe started his career off as the Scottie Pippen of his Laker teams in the early 2000's. I would say yes. Shaq was league MVP in 2000. He also won three Finals MVP awards during there three peat. Kobe was the second guy on the one two punch. Jordan was always the number one in his one two punch with Pippen. This topic is a side note. It's so weird to me that the two best players in the 2000's only have one MVP a piece. Shaq in 2000,and Kobe in 2008. That's another topic for later. Jordan won five MVP awards. Jordan was clearly the best player in his era. Kobe with one MVP shows you one thing. He was not the best player of his era on a consistent basis. You have Tim Duncan and Garnett. Dirk and Nash. Kobe has not taken the same career path that Jordan did. Jordan dominated the game like Bill Russell did in the 60's. Bird and Magic dominated together. Jordan had the second best stretch in NBA history 6 titles in 8 years. Kobe will never have that. Kobe is without a doubt a all time player. He's in the class of Bird and Magic. The Next level would be Russell and Jordan. Kobe is not there.

Kobe has a offensive game real similar to Jordan. He's clutch like Mike,but he's beatable in the playoffs. Jordan after his first title never lost again. He did lose in 95 after coming back mid season,but that year is such a lost year in history. Kobe has lost in two NBA finals,and he lost for seven years before winning another title in 2009. Many also debate if Jordan and the Bulls could have won 8 in a row. I'm glad he didn't that's the Celtics record.

With Kobe one Championship away. I think if he get's that. It will add more to the debate. I have two reasons this year why the Lakers can't win. First reason and the most important. The Lakers can't tie the CELTICS for titles,and second Kobe can't tie Jordan in titles. Jordan will always have the edge in awards,and I hope he maintains his title edge of Kobe. The one thing Kobe could catch Jordan on is career totals. Jordan will always have a higher career average in points, but since Kobe has not taken any breaks like Jordan did,and since Kobe started out of high school. Kobe has a chance of passing Jordan on many all time lists in stats. Kobe can have that in my book. Kobe has already played more regular  season games then Jordan. Not by much, but he will at least have played over 150 by the time he retires.

You have certain media guys saying crazy things. Like a Mark Jackson. During last years finals. Jackson said on may occasions that Kobe will go down as the best ever. I think that's were Jordan's legacy comes in question. Kobe is now and Jordan is yesterday. Many fans who don't watch the game on a consistent basis will be confused. They will here guys like Mark Jackson and believe that. That's the shame of it. The league should retire the number 23. I think there is no debate on there games. The only thing you can debate? Who's the better scorer? The better winner? Jordan. The best of his era?Jordan. Kobe has been the best for about three years now. You could say he was even though the Lakers had a poor team for 3 years after Shaq departed or was kicked out.

I don't know if there ever will be a team that dominate again.

The Best and Worst NBA trades of all-time

There has been many posts,and many main page posts. All around the dislike of the trade, or the trade could spell doom for the Celtics. I will say this. I went threw many stages in the past two days about the trade. First I saw the deal, and thought it was just a rumor. Then it was official. It was hard for me to take. Perk was the longest tenure Celtic out side of Paul. We won't be able to replace Perk as a player or as real person out side of basketball. He was apart of the starting unit that brought us the 17th title. It may appear Danny may have made this team better. We brought in a guy who can score,and who can play two spots on the floor. We also have three roster spots for talent we can bring in. We can bring one or two rebounders. The Celtics could be a deeper team then before. There at least 10 guys out there who will be bought out,and who could walk in here and help.

This trade could very well back fire. I wanted to bring up a few trades that have worked out and that have tanked. I have a top ten list of trades. The top 5 best and top 5 worst, I wanted to focus on deadline deals or trades close to the deadline. Not on trades done before the season.

The Worst five trades of all-time

5. Sorry Shaq but this deal ruined this team. The Suns on the day of the move had the best record in the West. They never saw the top spot again. After the Suns traded Shawn Marion for O'neal. The Suns wanted to compete with the Spurs. The Spurs at the time had the title of defending champs. The Lakers also just traded for Gasol. They tried to change the style of play. They wanted to run and slow the game down. That really doesn't make sense to me. They lost in the first round to the Spurs. They also missed the playoffs the next season with Shaq.

4. The Human highlight film was traded to the Clippers. Why did the Hawks trade him? I don't recall why they moved him. They had the best record in the EAST. They also had one of the best players in the league. Yes he was on the decline,but why mess that up mid season. They traded him for Danny Manning who only played 22 games for them. He was hurt for the rest of the season. They could have competed for a title that year,and who knows how many years after?

3.The Celtics trade Joe Johnson for Rodney Rogers and Tony Delk. This trade seem to work for the moment. Rogers and Delk helped the Celtics make it to the 2002 East finals. Rogers soon departed. Johnson soon became an all star. Not that soon,but by 2006 he became a solid player. I guess if we still had Joe in a Celtics uniform the Big three may have never been formed. It still was a bad trade,and this one was a homer pick.

2. The Bucks trade Ray Allen to Seattle for Gary Payton. Gary was on the down part of his career. I don't remember the reason of the trade. I do know it was a bad deal for the Bucks for the time,and for there future. They already had a older point guard in Sam Cassel. This move didn't make much sense to me. Ray went on to bigger and better things. The Bucks have not been a consistent playoff team.

1. Billups traded to Denver for A.I. This killed Iverson's career,and also killed the Pistons run to the East finals. The team clearly went in the wrong direction. The most consistent Piston,and still is to this day was traded then. He Help drive the Nuggets to the West Finals.


The Top5 best deals.

5. DIKEMBE MUTOMBO traded to the Sixers in 2001. He helped drive the 76ers to the Finals that year. The 76ers made a bold move. Kind of like the Celtics trading Perk and others yesterday. The Sixers had the best record in the league,but they had major injuries and they tradeda young Theo Ratlif,and Toni Kukoc and Nazr Mohammed. The Sixers went on to the Finals sparked by Dikembe's defense.

4.Pau Gasol traded to the Lakers mid year. This trade was awful on the sense of what the Lakers did not have to give up. He came in to replace Bynum who went down with a season ending injury. He gave Kobe that second star guy he needed. A big who could score at a high clip. They went to the Finals and lost,but have won two titles since.

3. Trevor Ariza traded to the Lakers in the middle of the 08 season. This trade wouldn't be effected until the 2009 season. Ariza in countless playoff games saved the Lakers. Especially in the Denver series. I would rank this one right there with the Gasol deal, but this trade at the time didn't seem so dynamic in  the things that would come.

2.Drexler traded to Houston for Otis Thorpe and Tracy Murray. This was a deal that was supposed to shake up the Defending Champs. It did just that. This was a deal that many thought hurt the teams down low game. Thorpe was the dirty guy down low. He was the guy who got the boards,and let Hakem block shots,and to do his thing on offense. Drexler was much older,but he was hungry for a NBA title. The rest is history. He got his title.

1.Wallace to the Pistons. Thank Danny Ainge for this one. This trade is well known to the NBA die hards. This was the trade that gave the Pistons the Edge. Sheed was the perfect fit for this team. He was a team guy. This team played as one. Sheed only played one game for the Hawks. The Hawks got a lot of flack for it in the day. Looking back it also helped there team in the building process. It made sense for them. Sheed was also on the last year of his contract. Sheed also helped the Pistons win the title,and they made the finals the next season only to the lose in seven.

The trade made yesterday could go down as one of the worst,or maybe just one trade that had to happen. There are many more trades that have had bad or good results. The trades I have spoken of have stuck in my mind. Please share some trades I have forgot.





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