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A look at the cap, and free agents

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 19, 2012 at 11:00 AM

Will he retire, will he sign on a team that may play for a title. Will he eat away at the Celtics cap space for another season. Believe what you want about every source out there. Part of me does as well. But KG will demand a lot of attention from us,and other teams. His postseason could be a little misleading, or it's a sign of good times for KG in the final stage of his career. When I look at KG. I think he's a ticking time bomb. Not because he will explode,or go off the deep end. I think his body could give at any moment. He's played so long in the NBA, and I believe he's an injury away from his career ending.  He's been injury free for the most part since having surgery in the summer of 2009. He's missed time with other injuries, but nothing as serious.But when will he start to fade like every other great.

Garnett, and the Celtics need to react,and resolve the contract right away if the Celtics want to win this season.  Because the longer they hold out, the more time we lose potential free agents. Of course the dollar amount matters with Kevin. So what's up with the cap room with the Celtics? Well Rasheed Wallace is off the books, and so is Jermaine O'neal they gobbled up 13 million dollars. Than we have KG who made 21 million,and Ray Allen who made 10 million. I think KG should make no more than 10 million next season. All the veterans a few years back like Nash, and Allen took pay cuts. KG at 36 should have the same thinking.

Salary: $39,950,662

Cap space: $20,049,338-Probables $34,760,385: Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley and JaJuan Johnson.

-Players in flux not included: Brandon Bass ($4.25M player option); Kevin Garnett (UFA, Bird rights); Ray Allen (UFA, Bird rights); Jermaine O’Neal (UFA, Bird rights); Chris Wilcox (UFA); Kenyon Dooling (UFA); Marquis Daniels (UFA); Sasha Pavlovic (UFA); Mickael Pietrus (UFA); Greg Stiemsma (UFA); E’Twaun Moore (nonguaranteed min team option); Jeff Green (UFA).

-First round picks $2,337,700: , $1,443,300, and the , $894,400.

-Minimum salary spots $4,733,232: (6 * $788,872).

So the Celtics have 34,760,385 used, and that would be 25 million in cap space, but if the Celtics want to remain under the  salary cap, they will only spend 20 million, because they need to fill the roster with minimum contracts. So the Celtics could afford a max guy,or close to two max guys,if they want to go over the cap. But nobody is out there in this free agent class. The Celtics will need to get crafty this season, because the Celtics have this golden ticket. Cap space with Rondo. So what can the Celtics do if their are players who are not worthy this season? Well they could work on sign and trades, or they could absorb players from other teams without trading players,they could use picks,and future picks.

Who are some top guys per position?

Point Guard 

(name, team – 2011-12 salary – status)

Deron Williams, Brooklyn Nets – $16.4 million – Player Option ($17.8 million)

Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns – $11.7 million – Unrestricted

Aaron Brooks, Phoenix Suns – $2.0 million – Restricted ($3.0 million Qualifying Offer)

Raymond Felton, Portland Trail Blazers – $7.6 million – Unrestricted

Kirk Hinrich, Atlanta Hawks – $8.0 million – Unrestricted

Jason Kidd, Dallas Mavericks – $8.6 million – Unrestricted

Andre Miller, Denver Nuggets – $7.8 million – Unrestricted

Chauncey Billups, L.A. Clippers – $2.0 million – Unrestricted

Jameer Nelson, Orlando Magic – $7.8 million – Player Option ($7.8 million)

D.J. Augustin, Charlotte Bobcats – $3.2 million – Restricted ($4.4 million Qualifying Offer)

Shooting Guard

Eric Gordon, New Orleans Hornets – $3.8 million – Restricted ($5.1 million Qualifying Offer)

O.J. Mayo, Memphis Grizzlies – $5.6 million – Restricted ($7.4 million Qualifying Offer)

Ray Allen, Boston Celtics – $10.0 million – Unrestricted

Landry Fields, New York Knicks – $0.8 million – Unrestricted*

Carlos Delfino, Milwaukee Bucks – $3.5 million – Unrestricted

Nick Young, L.A. Clippers – $3.7 million – Unrestricted

Jamal Crawford, Portland Trail Blazers – $5.0 million – Player Option ($5.2 million)

Louis Williams, Philadelphia 76ers – $5.2 million – Early Termination Option ($5.4 million)

J.R Smith, New York Knicks – $1.4 million – Player Option ($2.6 million)

Mickael Pietrus, Boston Celtics – $1.2 million – Unrestricted

Courtney Lee, Houston Rockets – $2.2 million – Restricted ($3.2 million Qualifying Offer)

Small Forward

(name, team – 2011-12 salary – status)

Gerald Wallace, Brooklyn Nets – $9.5 million – Unrestricted

Nic Batum, Portland Trail Blazers – $2.2 million – Restricted ($3.2 million Qualifying Offer)

Jeff Green, Boston Celtics – $4.5 million – Restricted ($7.2 million Qualifying Offer)

Chase Budinger, Houston Rockets – $0.9 million – Team Option ($0.9 million)

Grant Hill, Phoenix Suns – $6.5 million – Unrestricted

Sam Young, Philadelphia 76ers – $0.9 million – Unrestricted*

Matt Barnes, L.A. Lakers – $1.9 million – Unrestricted

Andres Nocioni, Philadelphia 76ers – $6.7 million – Unrestricted

Anthony Tolliver, Minnesota Timberwolves – $2.1 million – Unrestricted

Donte’ Greene, Sacramento Kings – $2.0 million – Restricted ($3.0 million Qualifying Offer)

Power Forward

(name, team – 2011-12 salary – status)

Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics – $21.2 million – Unrestricted

Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs – $21.2 million – Unrestricted

Michael Beasley, Minnesota Timberwolves – $6.3 million – Restricted ($8.2 million Qualifying Offer)

Brandon Bass, Boston Celtics – $4.3 million – Unrestricted

Kris Humphries, Brooklyn Nets – $8.0 million – Unrestricted

Kenyon Martin, L.A. Clippers – $2.5 million – Unrestricted

Carl Landry, New Orleans Hornets – $8.5 million – Unrestricted

J.J. Hickson, Portland Trail Blazers – $2.4 million – Restricted ($3.4 million Qualifying Offer)

Elton Brand, Philadelphia 76ers – $17.1 million – Early Termination Option ($18.2 million)

Antawn Jamison, Cleveland Cavaliers – $15.1 million – Unrestricted

Shawne Williams, Portland Trail Blazers – $3.0 million – Player Option ($3.1 million)

Jason Thompson, Sacramento Kings – $3.0 million – Restricted ($4.1 million Qualifying Offer)

Marreese Speights, Memphis Grizzlies – $2.8 million – Restricted ($3.8 million Qualifying Offer)

Ryan Anderson, Orlando Magic – $2.2 million – Restricted ($3.2 million Qualifying Offer)


(name, team – 2011-12 salary – status)

Roy Hibbert, Indiana Pacers – $2.6 million – Restricted ($3.7 million Qualifying Offer)

Brook Lopez, Brooklyn Nets – $3.1 million – Restricted ($4.2 million Qualifying Offer)

Chris Kaman, New Orleans Hornets – $12.7 million – Unrestricted

JaVale McGee, Denver Nuggets – $2.5 million – Restricted ($3.5 million Qualifying Offer)

Marcus Camby, Houston Rockets – $12.9 million – Unrestricted

Spencer Hawes, Philadelphia 76ers – $4.1 million – Unrestricted

Kwame Brown, Milwaukee Bucks – $6.8 million – Unrestricted

Aaron Gray, Toronto Raptors – $2.5 million – Unrestricted

Robin Lopez, Phoenix Suns – $2.8 million – Restricted ($4.0 million Qualifying Offer)

Jermaine O’Neal, Boston Celtics – $6.2 million – Unrestricted

Nazr Mohammed, Oklahoma City Thunder – $3.8 million – Unrestricted

Omer Asik, Chicago Bulls – $1.9 million – Unrestricted*

Semih Erden, Cleveland Cavaliers – $0.8 million – Unrestricted*

Ben Wallace, Detroit Pistons – $2.2 million – Unrestricted

Hamed Haddadi, Memphis Grizzlies – $1.3 million – Unrestricted

Mehmet Okur, Portland Trail Blazers – $10.9 million – Unrestricted

Greg Stiemsma, Boston Celtics – $0.5 million – Unrestricted*

Daniel Orton, Orlando Magic – $1.1 million – Unrestricted

Solomon Alabi, Toronto Raptors – $0.8 million – Team Option ($0.9 million)

Hasheem Thabeet, Portland Trail Blazers – $5.1 million – Unrestricted

Not much to jump up about. I don't see one player,or even signing two players off of the 2012-13 free agent class list that would make the Celtics contenders. I have looked over this list, and I can't build a contender without wasting the cap for the next 2-3 years. Can you build a team?

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Reply paul
12:31 PM on June 19, 2012 
I want KG to be with the Celtic always, because I believe him when he talks about how much he cares about the Celtics Way.

But now is the time to put up. If he isn't willing to take responsibility for the fact that a star who absorbs massive cap space strangles a team, then he isn't REALLY about the Celtics Way at all. He's a merc who wants to put as much cash in his bank as he can, and to hell with anything else.

There's more to life than making as much money as you can. KG can continue to craft an unforgettable basketball legacy here. I'd LOVE to see that.
Reply dennee
01:14 PM on June 19, 2012 
The salary info you have is from February. A more recent report is here at Draft Express:
It shows 32.9 million for committed salary, but that was before Bass opted out so you can subtract 4 million. The cap is not actually set until July and is expected to be about 60 million. So there is really about 31 million to work with and not go into the luxury tax.
I have the same list and yes, I would be optimistic that I could put together a competitive team, at least on paper. The problem is not the salaries, everyone can add and subtract and has the same information. The big problem is how would the various personalities interact when forced to play together. One example is Brandon Bass. He was only a average player at best until he came to Boston and now he has interest from numerous teams. Another would be Boris Diaw who looked horrible in Charlotte, but looks like an entirely different person in San Antonio. JaVale McGee is another. So I think there are a few like them on the list that could be similar and breakout if they had the right change of scenery.
Of course it could just as easily go the other way. Deron Williams is considered by many to be the one prize on the list, but could just as easily be a big disappointment at his next stop. Whether I am a fan or a highly paid GM, trying to put together a winner involves a great deal of luck. Of course the GMs have an advantage. They may not know all of the players personally, but at least they have access to be able to talk to them to get a feel to help form an opinion.
Again looking at the list and knowing that many would think I am crazy, I see Landry Fields as a reliable back up. He doesn't seem like much now, but look at the revolving door of coaches in NY and the ever changing systems he plays in. Ryan Anderson is another that could have a pretty decent career away from the soap opera in Orlando. DJ Augustin is overrated, but could be a cheap and serviceable back up for Rondo. (I think Bradley is a keeper, but he will never get the hang of the point)
Gerald Green is on the full list. He may have finally matured enough to reach his potential and be a star in waiting. Just some examples that don't include any superstars, but could be a strong second unit and hopefully play as a TEAM. After all, the bench was a big part of the Celts coming up short this year.
As for KG, my gut tells me he will be back as a Celtic or he will retire. If he comes back, I think it will be for a lot less. As for an injury waiting to happen, that may be true. It is also just as true of a draft pick. Think of Sam Bowie or Greg Oden.
Reply paul
01:40 PM on June 19, 2012 
Danny has shown that he can shop very very nicely on a small budget. I'd like to see him continue to do that. I really don't want to see any big money signings unless it's for a big time player that we want around with Rondo for a long time, and NO MORE TWENTY MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACTS PLEASE.
Reply Shawn Cassidy
02:25 PM on June 19, 2012 
Thanks denne for the correction.




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