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Still dreaming of Monta Ellis in a Celtics uniform

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 19, 2012 at 2:30 AM

I try not to think of over the top trades, or unreal roster hauls. But this one comes back to me. I'm sure I give it more thought than any other possible trade, because I love Monta Ellis. I conjure up a night of mischief in my mind.  I think what would it be like with Monta Ellis, and Rajon Rondo in the same  backcourt? Who's ready for a new sound?   From nothing that's ever been present before. What would it take to get Ellis, would Rondo, and Ellis provide the right amount of talent to lead the Celtics down the road?

Ellis has been a target of the C's before. In 2010, when the Celtics needed a shot in the arm. They looked to deal Ray Allen, to the Warriors for Ellis. The deal sounded all but done, but the C's at the deadline decided to make a minor deal. That deal was Eddie House for Nate Robinson. NBA Rumor Mill- Monta Ellis to Celtics for Ray Allen?

Monta Ellis isn't a superstar, but he's one of the best scorers in the game, and a solid defender. Ellis is an undersized shooting guard, but I don't mind that at all. Because Bradley is an undersized shooting guard, and the league is full of them of at this point. Ellis to me doesn't have the leadership qualities to lead a team, but along side a player like Rondo,  it could be the biggest difference in Monta's career. Monta has averaged over 20 points a game for the majority of his career. He can pass the ball, and he's not a bad rebounder. Ellis more than anything is one of the best finishers at the rim in the NBA. So would Ellis take the Celtics over the top? No, but he's a good player to build around with Rondo. Rondo,and Ellis would be the mini Wade,and James. They both can get out on the break in a split second, but they won't use power like James,and Wade, but they would use their minds,and speed.

How would the Celtics obtain Ellis. Well a couple different ways. Either a sign and trade by using Green. Or the Celtics could work on a deal sending Bradley out with some other players, and they could absorb Monta's 11 million per year. Ellis is a low risk, because he only has two years on his contract. I know some of you might say why should the Celtics trade Bradley for Ellis? Bradley has loads of potential,and he's a great defensive player already. I get that, but Ellis is a top scorer,and Ellis is polished, and Ellis is a sound defensive player, not as good as Bradley, but good enough. I think the risk is worth it for Ellis.  I'd rather spend money on Ellis than Green, or Bass.

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Reply paul
10:14 AM on June 19, 2012 
To me the main thing is that Rondo should be in on the decision making process. If Doc, Danny and Rajon put their heads together, I think they can come up with the best players to go with Rondo - and it won't necessarily be the biggest stars, you know? Not saying it won't be. But whoever we go after, let's have a pretty good idea that we really want these guys with Rondo, and let's definitely not make big money commitments without a very strong conviction about that.
Reply C'slife
10:55 AM on June 19, 2012 
Totally on board for Ellis in a Celtics uniform. Get this kid hear.




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