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Roy Hibbert Celtics top choice this summer?

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 18, 2012 at 9:00 AM

The Celtics need a center. Using KG was a quick fix this season, after the Celtics lost JO,and Wilcox. Kevin is also a free agent, and he may even retire from the game all together. Dwight Howard opted in for one more season with the Magic, but that doesn't mean he remains in Orlando.  The Celtics have enough cap space to take in his contract. But that's another post in itself. Roy Hibbert is one of the top free agents in this years free agent class.

Hibbert doesn't put up crazy numbers, and he should honestly rebound the ball at a higher average. At 7'2 Roy only averaged 8.8 boards per game in 2012. The Celtics are in serious need of rebounding. Can Hibbert, become a better rebounder? Roy has averaged a little over 12 points per game in the past two seasons. He hasn't averaged over 29 minutes a game. So I would like to see Hibbert if the Celtics are unable to add a center. The field is small, but the Celtics can't over pay for Hibbert. I think Roy has room to grow, but I'm not sure how, and when that will happen. I think I would go for Howard if I were the Celtics, but the Celtics may not have the assets to obtain Howard. Yes they have the  cap space, but can they use  Jeff Green,and picks for Howard? Who knows, but the Celtics will have so many chances to improve this team.

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Reply paul
09:26 AM on June 18, 2012 
Realistically, I don't see how we land Hibbert. We'd have to pay him too much, and the Pacers would match anyway.

Frankly, our chances of landing any big time players anytime soon to pair with Rondo seem small. I think the best think to do is to make the kind of small decisions for less heralded players that Ainge is good at, and really just look at a lot of people over the next year. It looks like pretty tough years are ahead, but I think the worst thing would probably be to overpay for marginal talent. We've just seen how problematic it can be when you overpay for top talent. To go from that to overpaying for marginal talent would be a disaster, it seems to me.

This next year looks to be very tough for us, but it may be a year in which a lot of building happens that doesn't show dramatically.
Reply Franklin
09:52 AM on June 18, 2012 
Scary times ahead. Do not pay for Hibbert!
Reply paul
02:00 PM on June 18, 2012 
Franklin says...
Scary times ahead. Do not pay for Hibbert!

We need to be very, very discriminating about whom we commit to monetarily
Reply dennee
02:46 PM on June 18, 2012 
I think we can agree that the Celtics need a real center. Using Hollinger's so-called advanced statistics, Hibbert ranks 11th in Player Efficiency at 19.35. The baseline average is always 15. For perspective, Howard is number 1 at 24.29 and Bynum number 2 at 23.00. The only free agents that rank higher are Duncan and Javale McGee (19.90).
Of those others who rank higher, Greg Monroe (22.09) Nikola Pekovic (21.47) and Tiago Splitter (20.51) will be free agents next year.
Rounding out the list is Al Jefferson, Gortat, and Noah and none are free agents either this year or next.
Duncan will retire a Spur plus is old, Howard (18.5 million next year) and Bynum (16.1 million next year) are fine players statistically, but do we really want all of their distractions in the locker room. There are some pretty good choices for center in the draft, but none that are outright superstar destined. Drummond, Leonard, Zeller, Moultrie, or Melo could be the answer at center, but they could just as easily be busts. That basically leaves McGee or Hibbert, both of whom are restricted free agents.
McGee has apparently found a home in Denver and is the more mercurial of the two. Hibbert is more steady eddie and I think a better fit into team chemistry. So if I am Danny Ainge, yes I go after Hibbert hard.
I agree with Paul that all NBA players are overpaid. Unfortunately, pay is set by what the market will bear and that is set by the overwhelming number of owners and general managers who are not good judges of talent. Having said that, it would probably take about 12 million to be high enough that the Pacers would be reluctant to match. That seems like a lot, but I count 10 centers who would still be paid more for lesser performance, so it is not entirely unreasonable. If Ray Allen walks, that is only an additional 1.5 million hit to the payroll, all else being equal.
The Celtics can't keep going with Center by committee and compete and I don't see any sure thing choices on the horizon that are better values. Plus if you hope to bring KG back for 1-2 years to teach/ train a replacement, that may not be a long enough time frame for a rookie, but enough to polish an established up and comer. Also, if there is not someone that could make the Celts competitive next year, KG probably won't come back anyway. Hibbert may not be ideal, but he would be a solid and safe all around choice.




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