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Bradley the untapped resource

Posted by shawn cassidy on May 3, 2012 at 7:35 AM

Bradley has the want, and desire to become a great defensive player. Hell, he's already a good defensive player. Bradley earned a few votes in the defensive player of the year award. He should be proud of that. Bradley has shown us something that hasn't been done since Rondo. Bradley has been infused in the starting line-up much like Rondo in his second year. Although Rondo started out the 2008 season as a starter. Bradley has worked for it. He remained ready for Doc in the darkest of times. 

As the Bradley expierement moved along, Avery found his offense. Much like Ray, he scores the ball off of picks, and screens. Not so much like Ray were he's going for three's. But he's getting many easy baskets in the paint. Bradley found another level in the second half Tuesday night. He stopped Teague from getting to the paint, because in the first half Jeff was getting anything he wanted.

 For Bradley the grail is undefined but so tempting to grab now. Despite a blurred picture of what he  can attain.Avery pushes on for it, endlessly sifting, relentless. Fighting through corruption, obstacles, and anything that stands in the way. Bradley's  the needle in this great hay stack. While Danny constantly sorts out the unwanted excess of draft picks. But even if he finds the that needle between all the bullshit. He needs to keep it.

 Bradley has been the hidden treasure.The untapped resource the Celtics have used. What distinguishes between the fulfilled. From the Unfulfilled. The untapped resources in Bradley are capable of taking the Celtics  to the peak.

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Reply paul
08:42 AM on May 03, 2012 
We have the best backcourt in the game. We do.
Reply Celticslifer
10:19 AM on May 03, 2012 
paul says...
We have the best backcourt in the game. We do.

I hope they prove that this season Paul.
Reply Franklin
10:26 AM on May 03, 2012 
They will need to be the best backcourt for the Celtics to win banner 18.
Reply paul
10:34 AM on May 03, 2012 
Celticslifer says...
I hope they prove that this season Paul.

I think they will. These two guys are amazing, Rondo and Avery, and what's more impressive than the skills and bodies they have are the minds they have. And then we have Pietrus and Dooling and the rest. I wish we had Allen, but we have a lot.
Reply paul
10:35 AM on May 03, 2012 
Franklin says...
They will need to be the best backcourt for the Celtics to win banner 18.

I agree. They are the extra gear that can push us through to a championship.




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