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C's bounce back together

Posted by shawn cassidy on May 2, 2012 at 4:35 AM

How can you explain something, that you can't understand? The essence of life is life itself. Whith everything in life there is hope, and their is joy. We call it life, having grown old with life, We learn to love life more than hating anyone, or anything.

Life, can  give us pain. We learn to endure life. As the Celtics endure chapter by chapter. Life enlightens their execution on the court. Life's  lessons don't go unnoticed. Life will make us the master of our own destiny. As it will for the Celtics. Going through a playoff run, can be much like self discovery of one's self.  Everything is under a microscope. Every word is analyzed, and every miss shot feels like the end.

How many times can the Celtics comeback swinging. They will never give in, as their will is too strong to bare quiting. As I was looking down at my keyboard. With nothing else to type my mind, jumped up somewhere far off. Absolutely, somewhere far off. When I watch the Celitcs I completely detach myself from the world. They give me a great peace, as if I could somehow figure out something, or the world itself. The world simply found it's way to put the pressure onto Rondo, even without him playing. If the Celtics lose game 2. Rondo wouldn't hear the end of it. But Rondo's teammates acted  with  great importance. 

The Celtics are all about having each others backs. In the closing seconds of the 1965 Eastern Conference championship.In the seventh and final game, played at Boston Garden, the Celtics led the Philadelphia 76ers 110-109 with five seconds left, and only needed to inbound the ball underneath their basket to secure the victory and advance to the NBA Finals. But Bill Russell's pass struck a wire that hung down from the ceiling and helped support the baskets, the turnover giving the 76ers and Wilt Chamberlain the ball and a chance to win the game—and the series.

Hal Greer was set to throw the inbounds pass for the 76ers. Havlicek stood with his back to Greer, guarding dangerous Chet Walker.

But as Greer's pass came inbounds, Havlicek spun, leaped and tipped the pass to Sam Jones

This generation had one of those moments in game two. They bailed Rondo out, and that's what they should have done. Moments like game two define careers. You  can create a picture, and draw a face and a scene, But you need to act it out.

The Masterpiece, I can not take my eyes off it. I am transfixed, I stand in awe of the artist who picked up a basketball. Moving on is around the corner.  In the end they came together, to rally around Rondo. The team hasn't placed any blame on  Rondo, and that's big for this team going forward. They have all made mistakes, and Rondo's  should be forgotten.

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Reply Franklin
05:33 AM on May 02, 2012 
Awesome post Shawn, real good stuff.
Reply paul
08:11 AM on May 02, 2012 
Now Rondo owes them dinner, and the game of his life on Friday!
Reply Greg
10:36 AM on May 02, 2012 
paul says...
Now Rondo owes them dinner, and the game of his life on Friday!

They don't expect anything less. Do they? He will come out guns blazing,or passes blazing. Our he gives them a coupon with an expiration date.




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