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Should Rondo and Nash Team Up?

Posted by paul on August 23, 2012 at 3:35 PM

Heck, everyone else is doing it!  Imagine Rondo attacking the basket, zipping a no-look pass back out to Nash, only to slam home an alley-oop a half second later ... who needs Dwight Howard and Lebron James when you've got that?

What I had in mind though, was movies.  Nash makes little comedy videos that can be seen on Youtube, and he's quite funny.  My favorite is his spoof on The Dark Knight.  I wonder how much of his own writing Nash does.  Even if he doesn't do his own writing, he's a very funny and he's a surprisingly polished performer.   Rondo, true to form, struggles  in front of cameras, but is gaining polish.  Most of us probably rmember this footlocker commercial, where Rondo is  convincing and funny.  He even does a little lockin' and poppin' to show how squicky finding himself in Lakers colors  makes him feel!

Here's how I imagine it.  The two guys would play scenes from various famous films where there is some kind of confrontation between a student and master. The old Kung Fu series comes immediately to mind, of course.  Nash would challenge Rondo to snatch a basketball from his hand.   Rondo would easily get it in the first try, and would immediately leave the dojo, with an NBA championship ring on his finger, seemingly headed towards bigger and better things.

The second scene would be drawn from Star Wars, naturally.  Rondo would confront Nast in space, telling Nash confidently, even boastfully, that the student was now the master.  They would square off, but Nash would rattle Rondo momentarily, telling him that he, Nash, would come back stronger than Rondo, even if he were defeated.  Moments later, Rondo's lightsaber would seem to cut Nash in half, but only his Suns uniform would fall to the ground, and we would see Nash walking away, laughing, in  a Lakers uniform.

The final scene would take place in the Hall of Mirrors from Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon.  Nash would be dressed in Laker colors, and covered with bionic appendages.  He would be Robo-Nash.  Rondo would be wearing Bruce Lee's famous yellow track suit (famously assayed by Uma Thurman recently),  but in green.  Soon the struggle between Nash and Rondo would turn into a melee, the likes of Howard, Kobe, KG and Pierce all piling in.   It would be an Anime style epic, with cosmic destruction going on all around,  but - miraculously  - no one getting really hurt.

Rondo would vanguish, of course, but everyone would have to agree that Nash and the Lakers put up a valiant struggle.

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Reply C'slife
11:10 PM on August 23, 2012 
Interesting post Paul. Rondo vs Nash in the finals. Magical.
Reply paul
12:03 AM on August 24, 2012 
We'll see it too...
Reply Greg
08:11 AM on August 24, 2012 
Nash can't keep up with Rondo. I see Nash as their Shaq. When I say that. I believe Nash is playing the role similar as Shaq played here. I also believe Nash will battle injuries.
Reply paul
09:00 AM on August 24, 2012 
Greg says...
Nash can't keep up with Rondo. I see Nash as their Shaq. When I say that. I believe Nash is playing the role similar as Shaq played here. I also believe Nash will battle injuries.

I don't think Nash has a history of injuries, though, does he?
Reply Mike
10:26 AM on August 24, 2012 
I agree they would be a great comic duo!
Reply paul
11:56 AM on August 24, 2012 
Mike says...
I agree they would be a great comic duo!

I think they would really be hilarious if they did a video together!




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